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Electric ARC #15: Grrr! I’ll Sue CNN-IBN!!!

By on Apr 8, 2007 in Personal | 0 comments

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Didn’t you read my IITJEE 2007 Sneak Preview? Well, do that, before going ahead with this one, you’ll NEED the perspective.

I did come on CNN-IBN, and I was woken from my daily hibernation by my bloody cell which gave me an alert that I’d received an email on my Yahoo! account, which in turn had received the alert from Yahoo! News Search. Sigh. I couldn’t sleep so much today, being woken up at the crack of dawn (that’s 9am) by my BBC World Click SMS tone.

Fellow hibernators, fear not, for CNN-IBN very generously puts many of their videos online. If you want to see their story on IITJEE 2007 on their site click here.

‘CEO of Microsoft’? Excuse me, are they out of their MIND! I feel like suing them for this! Me, and join the Evil Empire of Microsucks? Puhlease (although I must say I admire Steve Ballmer’s hairstyle, er, whatever’s left of it)! I think the reporter got a caffeine overdose at Barista when she was there before the shoot, got her story all muddled up, and ended up putting the CEO thingy posters which were for Career Launcher’s MBA programs.

Good thing they changed my name. I can claim it was my evil clone from another dimension…

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