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Electric ARC #16: Tough Paper? JEE Nahi!

By on Apr 8, 2007 in Personal, Stop The Press | 0 comments

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IITJEE 2007 was conducted today, and er, that reminds me, I do have to give to next year. I almost had a close brush with it this year. Phew, that it was only for some stupid news channel.

It’s so irritating when news channels only concentrate on cricket. Hardly anyone had a story on this years’ JEE! I finally caught up with some news about it on NDTV 24×7. Do a news search, and the only news story is on Sigh.

It seems that this year’s paper was easier, but I’m gonna take that with a whole mountain of salt because that’s what they say every year. Why can’t anyone be FRANK? They don’t need to change their name to something Western-sounding for they, they only need to tell the TRUTH. Why are all comments like “Ho hum, yes it was ok, this section that section” blah blah?

This year had two papers of 200 points each. Shom sir had given an interview about this to Times of India earlier. About 48000 students from Delhi zone gave IITJEE 2007, with 33000 coming from NCR itself. This is what Sharad Awasthi, from Career Launcher (he’s some management chap on their board) had this to say:

“The questions were slightly easy. The students were very happy over their performance. Most students could answer the test in time.”

Gotta get back to studying for this thingy then, even if they say it’s simple.

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