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Electric ARC #17: IITJEE Papers

By on Apr 10, 2007 in Personal | 3 comments

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Did anyone notice (I mean, ARC students), that my fave SIS (that’s Student Information System – not some girl), has now started uploading lecture presentations of our classes. So we can actually download the presentations, and view them at our leisure. That’s the good news.

The bad news, till now, they’re only up to the Foundation series. I do hope they upload the other ones soon, because even though some teachers and / or students may not be interested in using it, I sure am. Take for example the chapter in chemistry ‘Solid State’, where using the PPTs can be so much fun! It’ll be easier, and people with nasal tones can quit jumping around the class trying to make students visualize atoms. Especially when all PPTs are ready and we have the infrastructure, unlike other institutes. But, as Shom sir said, ARC is pretty democratic. Sigh.

I also backed up the solutions of IITJEE 2007 from Career Launcher’s site, because they’ve a nasty habit of moving them to deeply-buried archives where even gophers can’t dig them out. At least, that’s what used to happen earlier, but now the site is pretty cool. Click away happily here:

The funny thing is, not even FIITJEE, the first to rush out with these sort of things generally, has anything on its site yet. And CL updated earlier, which I didn’t expect, and Shom sir told us today. This was the first time students were allowed to keep the paper, so no more will we have to rely on papers of tacky quality ‘reproduced from memory’.

I’m off to have a look at these papers for now…

Note: The papers are NOT covered under my Creative Commons 3.0 License. Copyright, if registered, exists SOLELY with Career Launcher. If they contain error, it is NOT my fault.


  1. GQ

    April 11, 2007

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    There’s an error on page 16 of the IITJEE Paper 1 uploaded here – it has some data missing, namely, questions 26-29. I’ve written to CL about it and it will be rectified soon.

  2. GQ

    April 12, 2007

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    More errors. In paper 1, even page 28 has data missing. Ditto for paper 2 pages 1, 5, 24-26. I’ve informed CL about this.

  3. GQ

    April 12, 2007

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    Oops! My mistake! The papers had been corrected yesterday itself by Career Launcher. I’ve uploaded the new and corrected versions here now.

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