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Class 12th B Time Table 2007-08

By on Apr 17, 2007 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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I guess hardly anyone cares for a time table in our class now, but they underestimate its utility. It is a highly important official document which allows students to count down to the number of periods left for the next PE period. Or when to let loose that big sigh because a boring teacher is going to come along. For me though, it has been a faithful companion, which helps me decide my return schedule to class after missing them for various Code Warrior activities. It is vital that you return to class (IF at all…) when it’s a non-ferocious teacher’s period, otherwise you’re screwed. If you happen to screw up your math paper, and return after a CW meeting in Yemleda’s period, wish you luck in escaping alive. Which is why I’ve always kept copies through my 6 years or so of ECA; not that I return to class generally though (although, sigh, this year, till now, has been a different story). Click here to download the Class 12th B 2007-2008 time table. Note: If any changes are made, I’ll update it. Download link will remain same. Feeling nostalgic? Click here to download the Class 11th B 2007-2008 time table.

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