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SATisfaction #4: A Question A Day Keeps The…

By on Apr 17, 2007 in On A Whim | 0 comments

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ETS, the company which conducts the SAT, via the College Board website, offers a service, a free newsletter ‘The Official SAT Question of the Day‘. They will mail you a question on one of the three sections of the SAT Reasoning Test daily, ones which you can attempt. Of course, it doesn’t even seem remotely possible that any of these will ever come up in the actual SAT. However, you SHOULD subscribe to this, even though the questions are easy, and you could get a question bank online at many place (more on this later). The reason why you should subscribe is that unlike tests in India, an SAT is far more standardised, and more predictable. Also, subscribing to the Offical SAT Question of the Day has one more use – many times, you’ll come across questions which might have ambiguous answers, I’m sure anyone trying SAT papers has seen that. What this newsletter helps you gain is an insight into WHAT sort of answer ETS expects to be the ‘best fit’.

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