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More On My Favoritestest Band

By on Apr 18, 2007 in Reviews | 0 comments

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What’s the best-selling album ever? That’s the question some guy asked at Ask Yahoo! today. And [shudder], I hope the spirit of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy forgives me, for (as even Ask Y! thought earlier) even I thought it was Wacko Jacko’s Thriller. Nada. That’s not correct! This is what Ask Y! team has to say:

The high-flying Eagles are the real champs of the charts. According to the Recording Industry Association of America, “Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975” by the Eagles is the best-selling album ever with 29 million copies sold. Jacko’s “Thriller” is second, followed by “Led Zeppelin IV,” Pink Floyd’s “The Wall,” and AC/DC’s “Back in Black.” It’s unlikely the Eagles will ever be surpassed.

Surprised? Hmmm. Maybe I shouldn’t be. After all, since I came to know that the official h2g2 theme is by the Eagles, they’ve become the greatest band of all time for me. BTW, except for Jacko, the other ones mentioned are among my top favorites too. In other news, I am still hunting for the original album. Ah, wish it was a 1942 album, that’d have made it tougher to find, but the significance of the year…

Once again, Yahoo! made me discover something life-altering that I never knew about. Yahoo! rules!

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