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Beyond Cho Seung Hui’s Rampage

By on Apr 25, 2007 in Stop The Press | 0 comments

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You would most definitely have heard of Cho Seung Hui, the Virginia Tech student who went on a killing spree. I also find the fact that people want to bury every trace of his existence away in some deep recess illogical, because after all, to prevent such events from hapenning again in the future, we need to know what went on in his mind, what made him flip over. We must remember that whatever he may have done, he was a troubled kid after all, who needed help, and didn’t get it because of a bad university setup. After all, the fact that the university KNEW that he had shot two people, before waiting for more than two hours for the second spree and didn’t warn the people on campus, and then too when they did via email, is unpardonable.

Cho had written two plays for his class, ones which were later put up by a student from Virginia Tech who now works for AOL. They’re titled ‘Richard McBeef’ and ‘Mr Brownstone’ (click here to download a zip file containing both of Cho Seung Hui’s plays). It had been said that he was a kid with violent thoughts, thinking up macabre weapons. In fact, apparently his essays and plays had got him into a mental health facility at one time. I tracked down these plays, and they’re certainly not literature I agree – but then, they don’t have anything as sick as what the media kept on trying to portray it as too. I think it’s a major problem in our society – we don’t even try to comprehend, let alone help out, people who might be alienated or having ill mental health. It’s time that we gave this thing a good look, because NOBODY wants another such incident to happen…

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