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Electric ARC #19: System Of An Equation

By on Apr 26, 2007 in Personal | 2 comments

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Had one of THE most boring classes today, of math. The topic was matrices and determinants which is a) really easy b) already done at school c) almost nobody turned up. And then, the teacher droned on and on and on about solving system of equations and other such frigging easy topics that I really wanted to let loose some of my irritation by banging his head to the wall to the tune of Chop Suey.

Did have some fun (and almost had a violent batch of batchmates lynch me) because I had a bit of fun by writing on the board that this Sunday’s module test had been canceled and a new date would be told later. And everyone fell for it! That was frigging fun, but…, I confessed later anyway, or I’d have been in even greater trouble on Sunday.

Speaking about that module test, some topics have been dropped:

Nobody really noted it down anyway, but that’s what I recollect at least. Well, gotta prepare for that too, which I why I haven’t been posting for a while…


  1. supersonic_aviatrix

    April 27, 2007

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    Is that ALL??? oh god……..
    very very very bad this is beginning to sound.

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