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SATisfaction #5:

By on Apr 30, 2007 in Reviews | 0 comments

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My rating of 7/10

I said I’d talk only about freebies, so here goes. I came across on Yahoo! Education. It gives a free full length online SAT.

The registration process is quick, unlike most SAT sites which would probably also ask you the color of your T-shirt if they had it their way. On logging in, you’ll find the option for the free SAT; click on it and it will run a system check to ensure you can take the test – which basically means it’ll test whether you have Java.

Contrary to other sites, uses less of images, so technically, it SHOULD be faster-loading too. That is, sadly, however not the case. At times, it takes interminably long for a test question to load.

Coming to the questions themselves, I found their math section considerably of a higher level than other sites. Their math sections even brought in concepts which are introduced pretty late in senior secondary high school in India, which is rare on other practice SATs. Needless to say though, they’re pretty easy and only touch the basics of those concepts.

The critical reading and writing sections are easy at times, and sometimes challenging. The major problem is that their comprehension paragraph windows are too narrow, and require a lot of scrolling, which wastes time. Note to self – need to do MUCH better in English. also promises an essay section, but you’ve to self evaluate it according to the given guidelines, which may lead to an inflated score overall. It’s not very easy to objectively analyze your essay just after you’ve written it.

On the whole, the site doesn’t look too sophisticated, and should have as a result of this trade-off, been faster loading. Sadly, that is definitely not the case. Definitely give this a shot for some good math questions though.

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