Electric ARC #21: Clear (Nahi) Hai…

Been quite some time since I posted anything about CLasses at CL. It’s because I’ve been solving packages and revising class 11th for sometime in the past few days. Long long gap, and don’t expect many posts too these days.

We celebrated an impromptu ‘Chemistry Week’ last week by studying chemistry for all the four days a week that we have class. That was because our physics teacher was unable to come because of certain problems and math teacher was unable to come because of certain problems. Enlightening, what I just said, isn’t it? I also find out interesting things. For example, I always thought N2O was laughing gas. Silly me. It’s only when our teacher told us that it’s lopphing gas did I realize my grave error. Silly me.

Our math faculty has changed. We don’t have Sprite with us any longer. If you want to know what colas with no taste AT ALL have in common with math teachers, I’ll soon make it CLEAR (keep the caps in mind…). Our last math teacher had a habit of asking ‘Clear?’ in a deep-throated voice after every few sentences. It sounded more German than English / Hinglish, and ended up reminding me of the movie U-571 every few minutes in the math class. He was called ‘Clear?’ by most others, but I found Sprite better. All I can say now is ‘Clear nahi hai…’
Sprite Clear (Nahi) Hai
The new chap is amazing at calculus – solves questions in a jiffy using multiple methods. A B. Tech. from IIT Roorkee, he’s the typical studious IITian sort of person. Good thing they decided to swap teachers for the calculus part, he’s definitely good at this.

In other news, we now have four hour class instead of the usual two hour ones. Right now, it’s in the aftervening; although SO many people are demanding classes in the mor(o)noon. If you ask me, the first one’s way better. Because then, I don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn (i.e., any time before 9am) to go to class, and then try to stay awake. I feel so sleepy then that even coffee gives up trying to wake me, and I feel even more sleepy. Don’t assume that I am sloth, there is no need to assume that. I readily admit the fact. It’s just that I like studying at night, and wake up till 2-2.30am daily. I generally don’t sleep in the aftervening, but sometimes I take a 42 minute long nap on school days.

And sheesh, it feels awkward to be solving packages at full throttle after so many days!

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ha ha. r maths teacher also goes “clear hai?” after every few sentences, and surprise, surprise, v also call him sprite (ie, sumtimes, after a really irritating class, wen v hevn’t got a damn thing).
Must be a genetic mutation in all the maths teachers or sumthing…

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