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PayPerPost Releases PPP Direct

By on May 27, 2007 in On A Whim | 0 comments

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PayPerPost (better known as PPP), the online blog marketplace that helps to power and monetize so many blogs these days (including) mine, just made a new update to its system. There are LOADS of things to talk about this PPP release, which will help bloggers to generate revenue from what they like most – blogging.

  1. As you know, PPP is a beta website, and is constantly being updated. This happened far back in time, but now the site is much more navigable and loads faster. Help pages and forums are more helpful now.
  2. This release is codenamed the ‘Birdo’ release of PPP. Rather, the part 1 of Birdo release.
  3. This has new features, like ‘benching’. Earlier there was a system where a blogger / advertiser could ban the other for various reasons. Now, the option of benching allows either one of them to temporarily suspend the other from participating. Neat, isn’t it? For sometimes there are opportunities which you might just want to put on hold for a while.
  4. The main thing in this release has been the launch of PPP Direct. This is what I wanted to talk about. PPP Direct allows a blogger to be contacted by an advertiser directly for opportunities, cutting out the middleman. Sites like ReviewMe have 50-100% markup on their prices – which means that the blogger only gets half of whatever the advertiser pays. PPP Direct has only a markup of 10%, of which 5% goes into PayPal and credit card transaction fees. It’s a secure way for bloggers and advertisers to interact and set a fee agreeable to both. Also, PPP Direct will help in filing tax returns automatically, easing out many problems for bloggers.

Hope that PPP keeps innovating and offering more fun opportunities!

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