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Blogging Opportunities from Smorty

By on Jun 12, 2007 in On A Whim | 1 comment

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Bloggers are always looking for avenues to generate revenue from their blog – for recovering expenses incurred in technical requirements of their blog, like renewing domain names, getting storage, et al. The point is, bloggers put in a lot of time doing this stuff, and getting paid for it only makes them feel better about it that they aren’t exactly whiling away their time. Here’s blog advertising marketplaces like Smorty come in – in helping advertisers and bloggers find each other.

Smorty is a really nice looking site (and loads faster too than its competitors). I liked Smorty, for ahem, it’s good color scheme, and the fact that it is far less restrictive in its guidelines than its competitors. Freedom in expressing is exactly what I want. Setup is a breeze – no codes to install, and blogs are approved pretty quick. And unlike other sites of a similar kind which NEED posts to be approved, posts on Smorty are auto-approved unless objections are raised within five days. Good for bloggers, innit?

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