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The Yahoo! Mail Beta Review 2.0

By on Jun 12, 2007 in Reviews, Tech Takes | 4 comments

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It was my Yahoo! Mail Beta (YMB) review way back that gave me some recognition in cyberspace. Indeed, not everyday do you get to be among the Chosen Ones who come up on the Yahoo! Mail Beta love letters page.

Yahoo Mail Beta logoYahoo! Mail Beta has come a long way from that, with loads of changes along the way. So I thought it was time to do a review 2.0 on the thing. Sadly, I won’t be able to talk about the Mail-Messenger integrated feature if Y! Mail Beta yet because it hasn’t found its way to my server farm yet (they’re rolling it out in phases). I just wish I get to play with that quickly. I do have an updated version with loads of tweaking around done. This won’t be a full review, I’ve done that earlier, but I’ll list down some points about Y! Mail Beta. Please note that this is a cumulative roundup – some of these features have been around for months, while others are pretty new.

I’d said in my earlier review, Yahoo! Mail Beta is the future of email. The future really does look good with all the tweaking going on, for the better, each time. Nobody has got the desktop app feel as properly as Yahoo! has, and I like that.

PS – What have I done! I posted a review praising Yahoo! Now I’ll have Prashanth, Abhishek N and assorted Google fans getting irritated with me for the next 42 hours! LOL guys, no offence meant. ;) Sigh. I think this is another one of those posts whose comment list keeps on growing with rhetoric, illogical arguments, logical arguments, blatant advertising, useful stuff and product pitches et al, from both sides of the Yahoo-Google divide…


  1. Prashanth

    June 12, 2007

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    Yep, now you have taken a neat panga.

    God knows why YMB loads faster than Gmail in your PC. YMB to me is still a bunch of frills and a crude method to consume someone’s free download limit.
    YMB might be nice looking for broadbanders like you and me, but not for poor folks in electronically deprived places like IIT. As Nandu put it in one of his posts, the best thing about Gmail is that it doesn give an HTML version.

    Anyway, this post wasnt meant to be a debate. It was nothing but a review. A review which excluded some of the most important points which a reviewer should have included. It was nothing more than an applaud. It wasn’t the critics view. But since it wasn’t written in a comparative or an aggressive tone as ur Freespire wala post was written, I would go for a debate.

    But still, i suggest you see my Gmail Rules post to see what Yahoo takes off from you for all this!

    And one thing i wanted to know. Does the contacts map thing work for India too..??
    And why is Rach so much interested to be with the Britain provider..??

    And, Gmail does upload attachments faster than Y! on an unbiased PC. So long then, as my universal one-liner of semi-defeat goes – “Gmail mein bhi aajeyega!”

  2. Prashanth

    June 12, 2007

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    Please correct this…
    “But since it wasn’t written in a comparative or an aggressive tone as ur Freespire wala post was written, I would NOT go for a debate.”

  3. GQ

    June 12, 2007

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    @Pras: Yes, Yahoo! Maps thing works for India too, except that the maps are being filled in. In India, there isn’t much to differentiate Yahoo! and Google Maps.

    Rach would be interested since he’s British by heart.

    Unbiased PC? LOL.

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