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The Yahoo! Mail Beta Review 2.42

By on Jun 17, 2007 in Reviews, Tech Takes | 1 comment

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A little bit of background info. You might have read my recent post The Yahoo! Mail Beta Review 2.0, where I’d said that I hadn’t got messenger on my account. Within a day of posting that, Yahoo! shifted me to a new server farm which had messenger. What’s more, I also have unlimited storage now!

Yahoo Mail Beta unlimited storageThere you see naughty Liam blowing up my storage indication to show that it’s unlimited now.

I also have Yahoo! Messenger in YMB now. It’s pretty good, and makes wisecracks too. For example, if the other person is taking too long to type a reply, it’ll give you a notification ‘X should really learn to type with more than two fingers’. LMAO!

Yahoo Mail Beta messengerGot almost every thing you need from messenger. It’s good to see Yahoo! returning to its more youthful and fun image these days. Conversely, Google is becoming so much more of the corporate monopoly it despised. Yahoo! Mail Beta simply rocks!

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