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Electric ARC #22: A Whole Lotta General Stuff

By on Jun 21, 2007 in Personal, Reviews, Stop The Press, Tech Takes | 0 comments

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Although I’m tagging this under my ARC category blahtegory, I warn you that this stuff is far more general. It’s been a long time too since I’ve written about ARC. I’ve got so much to say (haven’t been blahgging much lately) but to take up an individual post for each topic? Nah!

I seriously HAVE spent much less time over the past month online, and much more with books, textbooks that is. I still wonder what I’ll end up doing in my mid term exams, because I haven’t started yet. A bit of stuff here and there that’s done at ARC, yes, but I do need to start officially. Sigh, I guess I’ll end up doing badly in true Code Warriors’ tradition again. Must say though it’s getting boring. Spent (wasted?) a lot of time on Wednesday watching movies I’d already seen, and some I hadn’t like Xmen 3 : The Last Stand. Frankly, I wasn’t impressed – the first two were way better. They should’ve released this one as Magneto and the Magical Flying Carpet Golden Gate Bridge, with original score from Aladdin playing in the background. And what’s up with Jessica Alba anyway! Why did she have to turn blond for the Fantastic 4 sequel!

Got more bored, and changed my Orkut profile. You might check it out, it’s still worthless. Trying to think up a new image to replace the old one, it’s too boring. Couldn’t come up with something fun enough yet.

Off late, Shom sir’s been missing a few classes, but our substitutes are good. But I do really miss him taking the classes. Maybe even he has a problem with waking up at the crack of dawn, like me. On the other hand, Weepin’ has been in a storytelling mood these days, rambling on and on (and on and on…) about his childhood et al. That’s because we seem to be a bit ahead of schedule, but I’ve a hunch the real reason is that book 8 of our module is yet to be printed. BTW, our math teacher has been christened Ratan Noora by me and some of my batchmates for the quirky way he looks at the upper right corner of the room when teaching. Must say though, this guy is really amazing, and teaches little quirks of calculus that not even other teachers would have noticed. With him, his focus is always on ‘the selection’, and he’s forever giving us tips and tricks for calculus. This guy KNOWS calculus like the back of his hand upper-right corner of the classroom.

Talking about the power of Orkut, we had a module test too this Sunday, only on class 12th syllabus, as was requested on the ARC 06-08 (Delhi) Orkut community. Now generally our module tests are incremental, unlike most other institutes. This one allowed us to assess where we stand on whatever’s been done till now in class 12th. Results ain’t out yet, but I’m need to do more work on capacitor based questions in physics. Did get lesser number of questions wrong this time though. On a fun note, I solved a 6-pointer math match the following question solely on the basis of English grammar.

When I told Rach ‘…on the basis of English grammar’, he said, “You mean…that it was a comprehension question and you understood the passage before doing it?” LMAO!

Anyway, coming back to the question. It was such that the last left column sentence was asking for a value, which would have completed the sentence. I looked at the left column, and only one choice was a numerical value, rest were conditional statements. And the answer options too had only one where that last one was linked to this! Easy peasy, and more importantly, solved within 10 seconds correctly. That’s one thing I learned while preparing for SAT – objective tests don’t test your knowledge, they only check if you’ve darkened the bubble corresponding to the right answer. How you get it is immaterial…and you can get loads more marks if you THINK and do questions.

In other news recently, Terry Semel has stepped down as the CEO of Yahoo!, although he’ll continue as a non-executive board members. The story is that all this happened because shareholders wanted Yahoo! to do better and thought that a more techie guy was needed rather than a former movie studio executive. Jerry Yang takes over as CEO and Executive Director, although he will remain in his old position of Chief Yahoo! too. I wonder why David Filo keeps such a low profile, after all, he’s only Chief Yahoo! right now. You can read Jerry’s take on this on the Yahoo! Yodel Anecdotal Blog.

Need to get back to my books now. Ciao.

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