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Electric ARC #23: Signs Of Armageddon

By on Jun 21, 2007 in Personal | 0 comments

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ArmageddonAnybody who’s into quizzing, or into the Bible, or into watching movies like Armageddon will know what I mean. Speaking of that, Armageddon is one of my fave movies, but also a one which has stupid mistakes. That’s Bruckheimer for you. But sheesh, two (almost) bald men – Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton in the SAME movie? I almost fainted out of excitement when I first saw it.

Well, the signs are evident, for anyone who’s looking for it. For example, our chem teacher Weepin’, one fine day, finally stopped calling the whiteboard a blackboard, and also explained the reason why it isn’t a blackboard! I almost had a fit then. Thankfully, everything returned to normal a few days later, but sometimes these days, he calls it a whiteboard again. All that made me really uneasy.

But the thing which REALLY convinced me that the whole of Creation (aka Whole Sort Of General Mish Mash – WSOGMM) has gone bonkers is that fact that – now hold on TIGHTLY to your chair – I just saw Himesh Reshammiya (baseball cap included), of all people, actually speaking in English on Headlines Today! Nopes. I’m NOT kidding. No accent too! And very fluently at that! I thought maybe they’d dubbed it or something, but no, lips were perfectly synced! Hold your breath now, because now comes the most startling revelation of all – he wasn’t speaking in a nasal tone! Fortunately, he’s a kind hearted man, because he didn’t rip the collar mike off and hold it in his trademark upright position. As for what he was doing, he was promoting his new movie. He was even chatting with the anchor and asking HIM questions!

Talking about studying or working for long stretches on the computer, that really gives me a bad pain in my neck. Awful pain. I’m sure Mr Reshammiya knows some yoga tricks to tackle uncomfortable neck positions.

Until then, grab a large brown paper bag, put it over your head, and hide under your computer table QUICK!

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