La Cabeza

La Cabeza - grayscale picture of boy looking at wallOkies, I liked my earlier photo-post Grey Matters so MUCH, that I decided to give the non-Jokerman, non-DPS VK QC promoting version of it so that certain Jokerman-allergic people can look at it. Sheesh, nice photo. Even made it my wallpaper on my cellphone. Matches with the black theme.

So what do I title this? I thought of The Head first, but went in for the Spanish translation La Cabeza. This one’s in 4:3 aspect ratio. Click on the image for the full-scale version. Look at ‘Legal Blah’ for the license which applies to this.

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Hey how bout a shoot-a-marathon and we keep your head as the target ………………… best ever use , just perfect

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