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Eeks! Exams!

By on Jun 27, 2007 in Personal | 2 comments

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DPS VK class 12th has got its mid term exams from 29th June to 9th July, so don’t expect any posts from me right now. I’ve hardly done any prep at all specifically for school, and I really need to catch up. Loads of things to say, loads of new stuff coming up, but later…

And oh yes, Rach has shut down his blog Utterly Rubbishy Utterances. Some of his content will make its way to my blahg. Sheesh, I feel so nostalgic about it. I really liked his stuff. Hell, I even miss his cheap Nintendo game soundtrack!


  1. Sports fan

    June 30, 2007

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    It’s sad to know about the demise of URU.Is Karma Nation Rach’s new blog?I don’t think your blog would look kool with roobish poems.What’s wrong with my spellings???I guess I’ve been watching too mooch of Cricket.

  2. GQ

    June 30, 2007

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    Hmm, well, my blahg DOES have an image of being a serious blog, but I’m trying to change that by posting more varied stuff these days…

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