Columban Open Quiz ’07 update

Well, the COQ is over and Wat’s the Team Name ended up at 6th place. Pretty respectable, but i think v cud have done better. Really failed to fire 2day (not just me, but every1 on the team). Though Ankit was decent, he sorely lacked the birdshit induced luck of Thursday. As for me, I seem to be getting progressively worse with each passing quiz. Mayb, it had something to do with the fact that i just wasn’t driven enough. On Thursday, I wanted to whip Ankur’s team so bad (and thus dispel the extremely idiotic notion that if u aren’t on Ankur’s team, u’re toast), that i racked my brain for each and every question. But today, i just read the question, and then if i knew it, good, if i didn’t, i didn’t even search for it in the deeper crevices of my brain.
In the end, i am equal parts happy (that it’s over), dissappointed (at not having dun that well), mystified (how the heck did v get into the finals??) and amused (by Chugh’s extremely idiotic answers).
Looking on the bright side though, v did manage to dispel the above mentioned extremely idiotic notion, and V GOT TOFFEES!!! 4 of them!! V didn’t even have to share them!! (Okay, I know i’ve flipped it). Seriously speaking, the quiz was good, but it could have been better. Just a bit more luck our way, and we could easily have clinched it. Well done to the team, anyways!!


  • These are just my views. The others on the team *mite* tell u that watever i’ve just sed doesn’t hold water,and that we were better than i’m ready to admit, but then again, every1’s entitled to their own views.
  • Ankur, no offence 2 u, but i’d rather be playing against u, than actually on ur team. Bcoz, as i’ve just found out, that drives me to actually try and give my best!

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