COQ 2007 Finals

Okies, now read my earlier post on the Columban Open Quiz 2007 prelims to semis here; and Rach’s very crude and grammar-less account of the Columban Open Quiz 2007 finals he went for here before continuing to read this post.

They came sixth, our school team, but then for people who were probably going for their first or second quiz ever it’s an achievement that they made it to that spot. I heard that Ishaan Chugh’s team from DPS RKP came fifth, just five points ahead of ours because King IC decided to act loony today. It seems that King IC’s blown his ICs. Apparently, LMAO, when asked to identify (I think Rach said it was) Katherine Hepburn, IC said ‘Jenna Jameson‘! LMAO!!! Or maybe for a guy who used to keep Hugh Hefner‘s photo as his profile pic, it’s the normal thing to think. The Columbans, including the prelim round quizmasters were pretty much having a gala time mocking IC during the semis – for one visual round question where we were supposed to identify the tribe which lived in a particular kind of hut, they were hollering ‘Chugh-Chugh tribe’ the whole way.

Which reminds me. DPS NoIdea won COQ 2007, Murders’ International came second, and Springdales came third. I heard that Manas’ team from DPS RKP came seventh. I also just noticed that the Murders’ International team on which Krittika was there was named Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Now er, BECAUSE Krittika was there, shouldn’t it have been Three Horsemen and One Horsewoman of the Apocalypse? The prize for the best team name though definitely goes to another DPS RKP team which themselves The Four Must-Get-Beers.

I guess I’ll work towards compiling a set of questions of the COQ soon…

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@Rach: Correct grammar also requires correct spellings, punctuation and stuff like that. :p

@Ankit Sarkar: Er, I couldn’t come up with some shitty take on Springdales’ name. Sigh.

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