777 Ahoy!!

A pic of Air India’s latest plane- the Boeing 777-200LR, in the merged airlines’ new colors.

Must say, a definite step up from the previous colors. Can’t see much of Indian Airlines in this paint scheme, though…

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777 is gonna beat Airbus Industrie into pulp. And yes, AI’s new color scheme definitely looks good. No Indian in it because after the merger the AI identity will be promoted.

listen, u ignorant chap, the 777 and its airbus counterpart, the A340 are running nearly neck-to-neck in the global race. while A340 is more reliable, it doesn’t nearly have the range of a worldliner.
As for the paint scheme, even though AI will be promoted, some part of Indian should have been retained. this is almost like a hostile take-over, with many IA employees already feeling that their interests will now be ignored and AI employees will have the upper hand. Prime example: no show-shaa or celebrations when the first plane of the merged entity (an A321 ordered originally by IA) came. But, all the high profile unveilings and photo-ops when the AI ordered 777 came.

@Rach: Don’t stay with a s(t)inking boat, leave Airbus and join the Boeing fans. In case you missed it in the cartoons section, HT did run a story on the new A321 Indian has acquired. :P

It was a small story. Easily missed. And, no big show like when the 777 came. No speeches by Manmohan et all….

For long range flights, Boeing flights are considered better. But for frequent landing and take off cycles, Airbus is preferred despite its fuel inefficiency.
Anyway, the Indian fleet is getting all the big ones now. Kingfisher ordered the A380. Wonder how the airports are gonna cope up, epecially the domestic ones.
Man, there isnt enough space for those 1000 passengers to stand in t he terminus waiting for their luggage. And this is the story of IGI, think abt the smaller airports!

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