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A Newer ‘Get The Facts’ (Wrong) Campaign

MicrosucksIt seems that however chum-like Microsucks might act with Linux vendors like Novell these days, they really wanna wanna stab them in the back. Apparently, they’ve ‘spruced’ up their anit-Linux ‘Get The Facts’ (wrong) website recently. So what if they’re tied up to sell Linux themselves, that doesn’t seem to stop them from slinging mud, is it?

All these studies which talk of apparent *security issues* – have you ever noticed that if you really dig deeper into the article they use the words ‘bugs’ for Linux / Apple, and not specifically ‘security holes’; while for Windows they specifically say security holes. Now a bug can be anything from a CD drive not ejecting the disk after it’s burnt to a memory leak, and not necessarily a major security issue. Windows, on the other hand, puts many of its security updates into ‘recommended updates’ rather than ‘security updates’ so that they can quote a lower value.

What I found most hilarious was, well, their whole site actually. Taking quotes totally out of context and putting a snippet here and there is something they seem to love a lot. Steps like these only make us in the open source community feel certain that the new trade agreements with Linux vendors are nothing more than a part of their FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Destruction) campaign on Linux.

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