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The New Look Orkut

Orkut, one of the most boring (although better than the others of its kind) sites which has replaced chatting on Yahoo! Messenger as THE definitive way to waste time in India, has got a new interface now. I hardly check my account anyway, but since I’d got quite a few scrap notifications and was surprised to see a new interface.

Now, for those not into this stuff, Orkut’s earlier interface was as appealing as roadkill. Looked pretty much like some kid with too much time on Notepad designed the stuff. It looks better now, much snazzier interface, and actually makes you want to use it than puke into a bucket. What I like about Orkut is its standardised interface, unlike other sites (which I don’t even bother to be a member of despite the spam mail they send me weekly) – I simply hate it when I accidentally end up on other social networking sites and end up staring at a page which takes 10 minutes to load and / or crashes my browser because of the ghastly number of utterly useless Java applets, Flash games, photo slideshows and other bullshit peopl think is very cool to put up their. I can imagine them, staring at awe at a shitty bit of junk code and go ‘wow’ when they hit the preview button. Losers.

I just hope that along with the interface, Google was kind enough to part with some cash and get some more reliable, doughnut-loving servers for Orkut, even though I won’t bother to visit it.

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