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DCE’s Panache Online

By on Oct 7, 2007 in Personal | 2 comments

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Hmm, got some time to kill? Try out DCE’s Panache Online quiz, this is something Prateek Vijayavargia sent along to me. In their own words…

PANACHE ONLINE can in a way be described as the connoisseur edition of PANACHE showcased in REPERTOIRE. It is a forum that doesn’t follow any set precedents and thus is the perfect annotation, ode or whatever you may like to call it to something that can only be described as Panache. Panache online has always been a source of attraction for all the quizzers.

The questions are pretty fun, so do try them out. Me, not much of a cricket guy, obviously didn’t get the one which features Australia, and the other one with Monty Panesar. I wrote 42 for those. Thanks to Prateek for sending this nice link along, and also for the HIQ list… :)


  1. rach

    October 8, 2007

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    ah! got the Aussie ques, but not the Monty one. Guess it has sumthing 2 do wid all of them being from the same county, or sumthing…

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