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By on Oct 10, 2007 in Tech Takes | 2 comments

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Okies, NOT a sponsored post. I saw this software on BBC World’s Click, and I was SO impressed that I just had to share it. Yes, it’s a software for Windows, and yes, the full version costs money, but it’s so bloody good, that I forgive them. :)

The software’s called ArtRage. Simply calling it MS Paint on steroids is frankly, a disgrace – it should NOT be tainted by the name of Paint. I’ve never used, so pardon me there, but what I saw on Click was enough to have my eyes popping out. First, the interface is simply stunning. I’d give it a design award ANY DAY over an Apple product. What makes ArtRage different from other stuff is the fact that it tries to emulate real-world painting instruments and effects, than trying to be a graphics editing program, and thus it does a good job. So you’ve stuff like tracing, watercolour effects (yes, those gentle mixed shades), crayons, markers and whatnot! And this is what I can say only from the show, and I’m sure this stuff does a LOT more.

Definitely not a software for digital imaging people, because they’ll get too bored trying to get an effect quickly which won’t be that much of a problem for someone proficient in Photoshop / GIMP. For the general public though, THIS seems to be a real cool application…


  1. Ramit Singal

    October 10, 2007

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    I downloaded it last week after seeing it on click too. Damn brilliant, no doubt. But the free version has too many features missing. And there is too much of a learning curve.

    My view – Awesome(or rather, visually appealing) for the first few days, mainly due to the realism and preciseness, then you get bored ESPECIALLY if you do not get the hang of it ;)

  2. Abhishek Nandakumar

    October 10, 2007

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    Corel Painter X is much better, but not as easy to use. I recommend trying it out if you can.

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