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Times Of India Fun-da-Mental Quiz 2006 Papers

By on Oct 26, 2007 in Personal | 4 comments

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Derek O’ Brien’s Times of India NIE Fun-da-Mental Quiz 2007 is coming to town soon, on 30th October 2007. Too sad I’ve a Code Warriors event on that day and won’t be going. I feel it’s my duty as the Code Warriors President to be with my team, even if the DPS VK QC needs me more for some other event.

Anyway, here are two quiz papers, from NIE 2006 Quiz, hope it comes useful for all those going for it this year. Download them here.

Thanks to Prateek Vijayavargia for contributing these papers. He was the NIE Quiz 2006 champion, BTW. Best of luck Prateek, and all the others, for Times of India NIE Fun-da-Mental Quiz 2007!


  1. Prashanth

    October 30, 2007

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    Hey, the NIE Fundamental 2007 Quiz prelims paper is out too… on my blog!

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