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Why Linux Will Succeed On The Desktop

Why Linux Will Succeed On The Desktop – Yahoo! News

An absolute cracker of an article, especially since the author spoke exactly what I feel about all these things, especially the GNOME vs KDE debate. It’s a must read, and I really believe what this guy says will come true, especially when Microsucks tries to withdraw support to Windoze X(tremely) P(athetic).

In other news, the OpenDocument Foundation has given up on the OpenDocument Format. Now THAT is really bad news. Reason is that Sun Microsystems happens to own a few patents on it, but I think it’s not good for the open source community on the whole. For one, when the OpenXML format comes up for voting at the ISO once again in February next year, the argument that ODF seems fractured itself will sway loads of votes towards Microsucks, thus making the unthinkable possible – a Microsucks ‘open standard’ for the world. I’m damn sure nobody’s gonna bother switching to W3C’s CDF if they feel open source guys are fickle minded.

Problem is, they are. That’s because these biggies in open source tend to get to idealistic rather than remain realistic when it comes to their stuff – they want everything, down to the toothpaste a developer uses, to be ‘open source’. I think it’s time we wake up and start getting realistic to increase our market share.

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