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Uber-Cool Cellphone Code and STD Code Stuff

Who says email forwards all bad? Some can come pretty handy in fact! Sample these two Excel spreadsheets, which are pretty nifty in what they do. Only for Indian readers, but definitely worth a try.

  • Cellphone Code Finder: Enter the first five digits of any (conditions apply) Indian cell number, and it’ll give you the city, cell operator, and service type for that number. Works like a charm, except for some newer numbers which it had no clue about. Also, some smaller towns don’t seem to have been covered; and Vodafone still comes up as Hutchison. It does get everything else bang on target though.
  • STD Code Finder: In these days of cellphones, who bothers with STD codes? But for that once in a while time, you’ll find this pretty handy. Offers city-to-code and code-to-city for almost everything. Don’t add ‘0’ before any STD code though. Gave accurate results, except that Kolkata is still referred to as ‘Calcutta’ in it. To put it to the test, I just tried to find out the code for ‘Jhumritalayia’, and guess what, it actually returned a result. Sheesh! Not that the town doesn’t exist, but I didn’t expect the list to be that extensive.

I guess it works by storing a database within the file, using one unprotected cell to take input. Useful stuff though, this. For example, if you wanna find out if your friend is using the same cellphone operator as you (and thus whether you qualify for discounted rates on that call).

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