Code Wars 2007 : It Ends…

A wild ride which started a few weeks back has come to a very successful end today. Code Wars 2007 turned out to be one of the biggest Code Wars ever, with more number of people participating than ever. I admit it could’ve been a bit better organized, but hey, we were never expecting so many people to come! DPS RKP were the overall winners, with Mount Carmel School being the overall runners up.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for ALL the effort they put in (and apologize sincerely in case I lost my cool at any time :) ). Thanks to Eeshan, for all the running around and stuff he did. I’d like to single out Arjun here, because this guy put in a hell lot of work 24×7 with me, and did quite a bit without complaining ever once. Thanks buddy. Thanks again to Abhimanyu and Feroze, who ably handled the events, registration et al, showing extraordinary enthusiasm in everything. Kudos to the video team of Vivek, Waris, Rachit, Amritanshu and Karthick, for a video that certainly sets the bar for other schools to follow (including the iPhone ;) ) – a job well done. Thanks to all alumni for sending in their feedback in the planning stages of CW 07, especially Kanishk Kakkar for coming and helping us out on day 2 (plus providing some nice movies); and Anshul Agrawal for risking failing in an exam to make the CW programming paper; without the support of alumni, we couldn’t have pulled this
off. Thanks to the whole team, of Gaurav, Avani, Naman, Ishan, and everyone else for putting in a huge amount of effort for everything, and once again, sorry everyone if I shouted at anyone at any point of time, I tend to get a bit hyper sometimes.

Can’t forget our teachers too, who put in a helluva load of work for this event. And lastly, not to forget the schools which make Code Wars 2007 as prestigious as it is. Kudos to everyone.

The wait begins for Code Wars 2008…

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You didn’t exactly loose your cool. You just lost it. Man, we didn’t even want to talk to you, coz’ you became SOOO jumpy, that we though it best to keep a distance. Ask anyone.

Damn it…you sure do need a class on stress management. Why don’t you do it like I did…buy a little reminder pad, and plan stuff out, rather than this 11th hour (and 42nd minute) stuff that you like doing.

Amm.. GQ hasn’t got over the vote o’ thanx e gav on stage. This post is a near- perfect replica (minus the shit abt thankin’ our princi et al.)

@Eeshu: Yes, I truly am grateful to the whole team for all the work they did for Code Wars 07. You handled the coordination bit amazingly. :)

@Illusion: Yeah, I guess I did. I’d loads of stuff to do because of reasons that you yourself know, so I guess I lost it.

amazing effort by all warriors gq and arjun.. well i my head is spinning now

What’s the answer to life, the universe and everything multiplied by the speed of light divided by speed of light + the answer to life, the universe and everything + 3867*2 – 7776?

DONT PANIC, google it

Rubbish was Code Wars 2007.With students around as judges how can the genuinely talented hope to win…EXUN scores better this time around, soBig.F…Ha, Ha, Ha!

I think all of us knew that you were overworked those days and at least I don’t blame you completely for your behavior.You’ve had to do alot of work and now deserve many ‘LAN testings’.

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