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She Sells Sea Shells On The Sea Shore…

Kanyakumari SeashoreAn old collection of mine, pictures taken at Kanyakumari. Seriously, this is wallpaper stuff, or I hope so. Do tell me how they were…

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7 replies on “She Sells Sea Shells On The Sea Shore…”

Thats great work!
That reveals Ankur the photographer!!!
Well, even I have taken some pics like these….and I know its tough…great wallpaper stuff this but…


@Prateek: Thanks! And why don’t you too put your pics up somewhere like Flickr? It’s login is based on your Yahoo account, so you won’t have to remember a new password. :)

Hey Ankur…I just created a Flickr Account…now how do I show u my pics? I have just uploaded one till now.


@Prateek: Add me as a friend on Flickr, my ID is greatquizzard. Then I’ll be able to view the pics, provided you set their privacy label to allow friends.

@Arjun: Thanks!

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