Electric ARC #32: IIT JEE 2008 Information Brochure

Finally! I knew that people blab a lot about the sense of achievement they get when they get through to an Indian Institute of Technology, but I never believed that something as simple as downloading the information brochure for IITJEE 2008 will be such a pain in the butt. Between deciding teams for Dynamix 2007, I’d sporadically also been trying to download the brochure from the IIT Delhi website. It seems though that all those ol’ profs get a real kick our of making people realize it’s a tough place to get into, because till now, I’ve (tried) downloading it TEN times, only to end up with a corrupted file each time. No, I’m not a n00b, I didn’t pause the download just for the heck of it or otherwise.

Anyway, just to reinforce the message, the site itself makes you jump around with yer mouse cursor. It’s got an annoying mouseover link expansion, which allows the links to remain only if you remove your cursor from the menu item in a particular way. Maybe it’s just Mozilla Firefox, but that doesn’t mean they should make a site because most of the hits are going to be from people using Internet Explorer v5 from cyber cafes.

Pathetic cover design. Why not have a competition for it open to school students, and then give a seat in IIT as a prize to the winner? :D

The syllabus. Ahem. A subtle reminder once again that I’m a moron and need to start studying a lot more.

Anyway, if anyone else seems to be facing problems in getting the brochure, you can download the IIT JEE 2008 Information Brochure from my ultra-zippy error-free Chalo Papa™ servers by clicking here.

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