Google 53x

Google 53x was our idea for the Dynamix 2007 Creative Event, which was basically where we had to make a Google hoax. It turned out, ahem, as one of the organizers said, ‘…more eventful for you guys [DPS VK] than others…’. Long story, will tell later.

If you CAN’T figure out what Google ’53x’ stands for, trying looking at the shape of the letters. If you still don’t get it, you shouldn’t be using a computer. Might warn you though, the content of this thing is highly ‘mature’ and you’re proceeding to view it at your own risk. Please go read any standard boilerplate agreement for more, I can’t be bothered enough to write it.

Anyway, I just wanna say, take the joke in your stride and don’t get offended by it (it’s a commonly found disease among Indians); and just in case you do, go stick your head in pig to save yourself from seeing those pages. For other people though, I bet it’ll be 53 times more fun than browsing my blog.

Find out what Google 53x is… (WARNING: Click this, and you’re sure to go to hell in your afterlife)

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Hmmm… You finally made a post on it.Brave Guy!!After all, you know who might read this.
Once again,Great Hoax,great job!

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