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Web Hosting from Burton

I’ve been going on-and-on about personal website hosting a lot these days, so post was on the cards. I must admit, you might feel that when you start off blogging in a big way that you don’t really need a web host and can live with free file hosting services, but believe me, having your own host makes a lot of difference in how flexible your content can be.

Burton Website Hosting is one of these companies which have been around for some time, and quite frankly, their offerings are pretty good. Starting with a ~$7 / month plan for the personal hosting plan, going all the way up to dedicated hosting et al, they offer a lot of bang for the buck.

Most importantly, they seems to be one of the more sensible hosts around, because there are quite a few which promise a lot playing on the fact that most people won’t use as much resources as they promise in their plans. Most importantly, they are very open about their resources, even giving network utilisation info for people interested in their hosting to check out.

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