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Renegades of Funk…

Lord Vader and his young apprentice Lereze have been going gaga over the past few weeks over Hisham Abbas’ Nari Nari (rejoice, Lord Vader, I linked to the vidddeo!), for reasons not yet clear to anyone on the Code Warriors team. I for one have been listening to Rage Against The Machine’s Renegades of Funk continuously – as in every minute, as in without a gap – on loop for the past two days.

Well, RATM has been one of my favourite bands for quite some time, and that song has been one of my faves too. But I recently sat down to write about our win at Exun 2007, and I just couldn’t stop myself from listening to it. Anyway, at one point even I’d thought of an RATM song for the Code Wars 2007 video, but since the Exun 2007 video had it, and they’d used RATM earlier too in their 2005 vid, we dropped the idea. Can’t have enough of the song though, watch its video below…

I might add here, that this music video was made around the time RATM broke up (boohoo!), which is why it consists of stock footage of renegades from around the world.

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