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Electric ARC #37 : Witty Stuff

By on Jan 12, 2008 in Personal | 2 comments

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Filled up the application form for VIT University today. Dunno why I did. Maybe I’m pretty sad about my state right now. Got some DPS RKP pals there who say the coconut oil stench from the kitchens is unbearable. They did say more stuff, stuff which I can’t say on my blog which is pretty notorious for using f*** in abandon. Their exam is called VITEEE (and they point out again and again and again that it’s pronounced as ‘Witty’), and it’s on 19th April. Two days before En Tee You.

VIT has no online application / brochure online. Sad. You need to trudge to the post office to get it. They WILL send an SMS confirming when they get the application though. Which reminds me, my NTU application reached 42 Nanyang Avenue safe and sound recently. Apparently, VIT has some 9000 students doing graduation, and 3000 post-graduation. They brochure they gave with the form is slick…and full of hyperbole. Take an example…

“…Our highly distributed computer infrastructure…”

Excuse me? ‘Highly distributed’? OK, I’ve heard of distributed, but never or ‘sparsely distributed’ or ‘highly distributed’. Anyway, from what I gather they’ve thin-clients and standalone P4s (Eh? They call that state-of-the-art?) too. They apparently have a lab setup in collaboration with Red Hat, lemme see what they have. A DVD is included with the brochure too, and I’m quite sure I caught a glimpse of PCs running Fedora Linux. I abso-fucking-lutely wanna join if they actually have a proper lab like this. Plus, apparently they have a tie-up with Sun Microsystems too – so there’s a lab dedicated to Sun stuff. Ah, haven’t used Solaris for a long time – since I blew my second RAM chip I haven’t been able to boot anything much to speak of. Using it again

Suckers still use Turbo C++ though. The OLD version, not even Borland’s new compilers. I dunno if that’s a standard in all colleges too – if someone knows about this do tell me. I hope not. ANSI C++ is way better, AND it’s in tune with other languages. I shudder about my future, if I need to endure that crap for four more years.


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