DPS VK Farewell for Batch of 2008

A collection of pictures taken by me and others on the DPS VK Farewell held on 30th January. Yeah I know, bit late, but well, I *did* have friggin Board practicals to give. More on that later. Or well, I’d rather not, just in case some CBSE people read my blog. ;)

Anyway, farewell was quite fun, sort of boring too. There’s a nice pic of the DPS VK Quiz Club I uploaded earlier too. I forgot to take the house case AND the digicam, which made for a rotten day. Computer HoD refused a LAN party, and Code Warriors younglings decided that the venue for the first Code Warriors farewell should be the Cafe Coffee Day across the road (rather than my original suggestion, Slice of Italy or Pizza Hut). Ah well, nice meeting those guys for one last time. And boohoo, I didn’t get a goodbye towel.

Recent news tells me that I was supposed to be getting the title ‘Master Blaster’, and Eeshan my title of ‘IT Czar’; but someone switched it at the last moment. I hate both titles – Lereze Bhai’s suggestion of ‘Mr TUXedo’ was so much more fun. Some English teacher shot it down.

Here’s the album on DPS VK Farewell 2008.

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