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Trigonometry Formulae Cheatsheet

Way back, I had made a trigonometry cheatsheet for some of the more ‘advanced’ formulae that new students need. That was found quite useful by some people, but I thought it’s time I gave it a upgrade. Having used it for some time, and in no small measure to the feedback from other people, I’ve made a new version. It’s less cluttered, in the sense that redundant formulae have been done away with – for example, formulae which can be arrived at simply by replacing ‘+’ by ‘-‘ in a base formula have been removed; as have the half angle formulae (since it’s nothing but a form of the original double angle formulae). Another grouse was that when actually printed / photocopied (especially the latter), the text was far too faint to read. The new version thus is in bold typeface. Looks bad on screen, looks good on paper. Feedback is appreciated.

Download the latest version of the Trigonometry Cheatsheet

PS – In case you want the older one, you can also download Trigonometry Cheatsheet version 1.

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