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Yahoo! Music Down

By on Apr 5, 2008 in Tech Takes | 0 comments

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Yahoo Music website down

Yahoo! Music’s website seems to be down. I visited it today (to look up some lyrics) and here’s what I got – the screenshot above, saying Bad Request. Also, none of the links I had earlier work. I did a Yahoo! Search for its site, and got a new URL – That site loads fine, and features and all like search work. BUT, on the search result pages, all links are still – which means they all end up at the ‘Bad Request’ page. Change it to, and you still get an empty page. A Yahoo! Search for any band / album/ song will lead you to the same thing.

I didn’t find any official announcement on the Yahoo! Music Blog either, about any scheduled downtime or updates. It seems that Yahoo! Music has rolled out an update of its website to something new-look, but still hasn’t worked on getting all links working. Hope it comes back together soon; because Yahoo! Music is really the best place to get authentic lyrics.

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