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Electric ARC #44: DCE Registration Rules Changed?

By on Apr 8, 2008 in Personal | 2 comments

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I’d totally forgotten to post about this one, but a query from a friend yesterday reminded me that I had to post it. When the DCE forms had come out, their advertisements had said that you can use a printed form from their site for sending in the registrations. One problem then – the admit card would then effectively be printed on paper, and I doubt whether it would survive a journey in the Indian postal system.

Now it seems that DCE is doing a volte face, and says that online forms will no longer be accepted, and they need to be bought from their office. The geniuses remembered that the online forms don’t have any form number that they can refer to. So it seems that those who still haven’t applied need to foot it to New Delhi – 42, and get the ruddy form.


  1. Ramit Singal

    April 10, 2008

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    I deposited my printed out form sometime around the 25th of March by hand, and got the acknowledgment side by side.

    So, is that still valid?

    Or is this notification valid only for the forms which are deposited after a specified date?

    Stupid gits at DU by the way. I’ve been terribly disappointed with the bastards. Their site(at least NSIT’s) is horrendous 1990 basic HTML stuff, and so was their form. One of the most reputed engineering schools in India my ass!

  2. Ankur

    April 10, 2008

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    @Ramit: Yes, the ones which have already been accepted are OK, it’s just the new ones that they aren’t accepting. I think there was some problem about wrongly allotting form numbers to the online ones; so later they decided to take only the ones they’d printed.

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