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Download IIT JEE 2008 Solutions

By on Apr 14, 2008 in On A Whim | 11 comments

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3.2 lakh students across the country gave the IITJEE 2008 exam today, and quite naturally, everyone’s quite anxious to know the solutions. So here you go:

Click here to download the IIT JEE 2008 solutions (both Paper 1 & Paper 2)

It’s a zipped file, approximately 900 KB in size, containing the PDF of both the papers. The first paper is from Narayana IIT Academy, while the second paper is from dear old Career Launcher. I’d have given both from Career Launcher, in fact, but their first paper is a seems to be a scanned version which is larger in size, so for the sake of a faster download I went in for the Narayana one. Nobody else, other than Career Launcher, has got BOTH the papers out. :D

Overall, the paper was pretty OK – the paper that is, not my performance. Tougher than last year, yes. I don’t expect any fireworks with my result, none at all. I’ll be more than happy just if I somehow scrape through to extended merit list. I’m NOT going to give a final comment on my performance, in case I end up looking silly later. :P Since this year (like last year) IIT JEE subject cutoffs would be decided by the bottom 20% students’ marks; therefore, the question is not about clearing the cutoffs in each subject, but getting higher marks than others OVERALL.

It’s just started. Many more exams to go… :s

Update: In case you really really really want to view Career Launcher’s IITJEE 2008 Paper 1 solutions, but don’t want to download it either, you can view it online on Scribd by clicking here.

Update 2: The cut-off is expected to be around 160, according to this news report in the Economic Times on IIT JEE 2008. Plus, some words from the Chairman of IIT Kharagpur.


  1. sameer

    April 14, 2008

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    to begin with we appreciate the opportunity to thank you for viewing the solutions on and share our happiness over being the fastest in the country to upload the solutions by 11:30 p.m.,13th april.we acknowledge the 30 hrs of optimized work of part of carnot team of 30 iitians composed of c.s. elec junta.we also could not help the enthoo of a.i.r. 1 jee 2007 achin bansal:) and he was one of the 30 of carnot some of you might be knowing,that we have recently made open to all from restricted access ,and we did not expect such a rush without a single newspaper ad or seminar. once we have tested all the softwares of trajecory up to our benchmraks let us present you our automated rank projection ,which ll start working from 10:00 a.m. 15th april.
    sincere regards
    carnot team.

  2. Sushil

    April 15, 2008

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    thanx for that help.
    i didnt find paper and also solution on any site.
    Thats the only site having both .
    thanx for that

  3. rahul

    April 15, 2008

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    solutions were very helpful but rank projection seems not to be working

  4. Ankur

    April 18, 2008

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    @Sameer: Career Launcher was the first. They DID put up first. Anyway, not going into a debate about that. JEECarnot is a pretty well-designed site it seems, way better than some others I’ve come across till now. Is the name a pun on the word ‘juggernaut’? Otherwise, I think it’s a VERY vague name, even for those preparing for JEE (since thermodynamics, specifically, Carnot engine, forms a very small part).

  5. sameer

    April 18, 2008

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    rank projection is working since yesterday.
    and more than a 1000 students have cheched their ranks.
    we have mentioned the time we uploaded the compelete solutions.paper one was there at 5:00 in evening.carnot simply reflacts our theme to optimize the operations we are s with no motto of pulling crowd to any must have not seen any ad of any classess there.if it is somehow please let us know.i have worked with career launcher and i admire it as an organisation.

  6. Ankur

    April 19, 2008

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    @Sameer: Ah well, maybe. But I must say, it’s a really well-designed site. Note like the other ones which have come up during this time.

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