VIT University’s exam, which they call VITEEE, was held today. They even released a smug sounding advertisement in newspapers about ‘1.38 lakh students giving VITEEE 2008 (and THUS we’re a good college’. It’s just the ad which sounded too smug (and their smug ‘VITEEE is pronounced as Witty’), because I seriously am interested in VIT – as a backup, that is. My foremost preference still remains NTU Singapore, but otherwise, I think VIT will be a better option any day than any of the NITs. I’ve heard though that cutoffs go quite high, possibly because of the fact that there’s no negative marking in their paper.

Students crib about the fact that VIT is the first to release the results / conduct counselling, but I don’t think that’s an issue. After giving all the other exams like IIT JEE and AIEEE, you’re sure to have a good idea of how it went – and I’m not talking about the politically correct “yeah it went fine” answer. Sit down, go through the paper again (with solutions, if needed), and give a GOOD evaluation on how it went and where you stand. I did, and it’s given me a clear idea where to put my bets on.

Anyway, VITEEE 2008 was quite good. In physics especially, there was a lot of stuff which is generally not covered during the course of JEE preparation – semiconductors, for instance. Chemistry and math were OK too, but out of the lot I’d say my physics portion was the best. Too sad that the bitch in our classroom distributed papers 10 minutes late because she misinterpreted instructions, and then refused to give extra time. In fact, we’d probably have got out papers even later, had it not been for some people from VIT who were going around checking how many students had come, and saw us sitting without the question booklet.

My exam centre was Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan – and boy was there a traffic jam there. I hate traffic jams. It’s quite a small road and office traffic plus witless candidates for ‘Witty’ turning up at the same time ended in a mess. It was quite funny too, how APS uses air raid sirens as school bells. I’ve been there a few times before for competitions, but never heard this one! I wonder what will happen if there is *actually* an air raid which needs to be notified. Plus, with the tubelights fitted over the ceiling fan blades (thus far, I’d only been to APS’s auditorium), you have a lovely interrogation-room type effect of flickering lights while giving VITEEE.

VIT is the first result which would be coming out, on 9th May 2008. Let’s see if I’ve something witty to say then…

PS – You can view the solutions for VITEEE 2008 by clicking here.

PPS – For an discussion on the VITEEE 2008 results, click here to view my latest post on that topic.

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VIT has this disneyland brochure and claims to be a top institute but the truth becomes apparent on talking to alumni.

You might wanna double check the cutoffs claim with alumni, also any NIT except the obscure ones can beat VIT’s butt anyday.

Trust me, VIT is not the place you wanna end up at !

@Varun: There’s quite a bit of confusion around over the general cut-offs for VITEEE. Some say it hovers around 110, while others say that top ranker got 105, and ranks go on up yo quite a bit.

u wd prefer VIT over NITs??
not meaning to offend u, but have u done homework on the NITs?? some say that it is at par with the IITs! i have kept VIT as my last backup (after IIT, BITS, NITs).

and abt the cutoff, i don’t think it will be around 110, coz my score is 99, and with all modesty, i have enough belief in myself that i wd be able to atleast clear the cut-off (maybe i cd be terribly wrong!)

achyuth sanjay

@Achyuth: I’m not going by what ‘some people say’. My cousin is doing chemical engineering at NIT Trichy, which, you would admit is considered among the top in NITs among ranking (along with NIT Warangal). Also, I’ve heard of VIT itself from people who are studying there. Plus given that fact that VIT has an R&D lab tie-up with Red Hat India, I think it might be a better choice than an NIT after all. Ranked 1 among private institutes at least. Or maybe I’m wrong.

well……see would prefer the NITs jus cos they have the tag on them …being a VITian would probably just make people think that i am loaded with cash and not that i am a good student some of the students(most of them) get in through donations….and around 2 lakh for what i heard(my cousin had ta shell out)..
and so i don question what facilities they have but rather i would prefer the a college which looks good on my CV years after i graduate……thats important.

well,after JEE 08 i was relaxed for VIT as i got a score of 241 which is decent enough to get into JEE ( I think ?) but man I am not at all familiar wid those cemi and superconductors and shit!!Their paper was a compelete piece of shit for me as they focused on technical things and maybe bcoz i am not getting more than 70 !! I am desp waitng for JEE results and hope I WILL qualify???
What do u guys think ………pls tell

@Abhay: Screw what people think. Fact is, VIT *does* have better facilities, and when companies come for campus recruitment, they know your academic record. They’ll also know whether you’re a donation seat student based on your academic record.

@SP: Don’t know…

@Naman: Hmm…but for NSIT, you’d need quite a high rank.

@Sonu: A score of 241 is more than enough to get into IIT, because even by some of the highest estimates, the cut-off is expected to be around 190. However, the fact that those sort of questions would be coming was made quite clear in the VIT syllabus in their brochure – and it also a fact that MANY students don’t bother to read such ‘fine print’. In fact, semiconductors will also be coming in AIEEE. Anyway, congrats on getting through to IIT. :)

@ankur: so u did do ur homework!!
anyway, i hope to get either into an IIT or BITS. my JEE score is 280, so i m worried abt the stream i might get.

hey thanks ankur !! nice reply !!I am gettn 83 acc to solutins and dont think im gonna make it to VIT …Well i will have to work on certain areas for AIEEE..D chemistry and maths portion was easy in VIT and i will study semi conductors and stuff for AIEEE!!

WELL gettn 83 in VIT is a shocker for me …I wasnt expecting more than 70 thoUgh!!Still not good enough!!! dammn

hey guys !!! ok wat i fell is after going thru a loota sites and stuff wat ive found is dat most ppl seem to be scorin in da region of 60 – 70 marks in VITEEE @@ so anythng over 70 is good enuf das wat i personally feel ! Also to be true as is popularly beleved dat VIT’s paper is easier well nope i think it was quite a good paper specially da maths part @@

about NIT’s and VIT well guys i belong to jaipur and ive personally visited NIT jaipur and jalandhar and beleve me dey are huge !! and i mean it huge !! jaipur and jalandhar still ranked arnd 4 or 5 th in da all over india NIT’s list !! So u can well imagine about how places like Trichy and warangal have to offer @@ Plus dey are all goverment recognised so even though actually VIT is also a good place specially da campus considered to be amngts da most advanced ones in india @@ but still if ur geting a good NIT go for it !!

Tas wat i fell anywas take care see yA!!

i mit get around 70 in u think i mit get in considering da fact tht many ppl leave da seat as dey get in better colleges?coz a senior was gettin in inspite of a rank beyond 10000 because of dis reason.

i m gtng a score of round abt 70 in viteee 2008…..i thnk dats enough to go to vit…as d cutoff wud b around 70 ….but as higher rankers r also called for councelling……so tension not….ppl gtng this sort of marks r gng to be VITIANS>>>>.congs…..

nice work dude.. hey i was scorin 97 in vit n had a vry mixed responce.. some said too less.. 8000rank.. another said nice, sure under 500.. very confusin.. am gettin 270-280 in iit so noworries except which branch at iit.. only thing i waana ask is takin any crapp branch at iit will be a better decison than cs,ec at bits/iiit-hyd..???

@Saviour: It really doesn’t matter how big a college is – but rest of the infrastructure does.

@Anuja: Cut-offs for biotech generally goes lower than others.

@Siddharth: I’d rather go for computer science engineering at VIT than go in for, say, textile engineering or industrial automation at IIT. That said, I think you DO have a good chance of getting a good IIT rank. Congrats. :)

m getting 72 out of 120 in viteee. will i make it?
m vry tensed because vit ws my main aim.

and if yes, will i get one of electronics or computers or Info Tech.?

are u all rookies…
me from bansal kota…
and u r comparing nits with vit…wow
nits vs vit is like switzerland vs africa
…do u even know the avg pakg of vit__-3lacs
and nits have 5.5 their avg pkg..
and as far as iit are concerned…i would opt fot iit guwahati ceramic rather than cs nit trichi

hi i want to know does the cut off for bio courses varies with that of maths courses???n does ranks published differently for b tech n bio tech????plz reply???

well guys i guess for electrical (above90) and for cs above 100 is required….I will ask my friend u scored 7000 somthng rank in VIT last year about his marks and tell ya all….

this year paper was a bit tough then last year ….scoring 70 above might get u into VIT…as most of u say

Abt NIT and VIT ….NIT is to IIT as VIT is to NIT SO U CAN GUESS…..

besides u may feel lonely their and spending four years might b tough!!

Thats what i think ….

Now ur focus must b on AIEEE and do well in it if u have screwed VIT ……

For me options go as

IIT > Bits > NIT >> VIT …….The resuls are on may 9 i guess and so we will know it preety soonn….Also students upto 10000-12000 are called for counselling …

Best of luck for Aieee

guys! guys! stop worrying and prepare well for Aieee and also BITS is not an easy one….Vit results will b declared soon!!! eVERYBODY SAYS 70+ will ultimately LAND U in VIT

I cant believe all of you are aiming for VIT, my God its one of the most over advertised and least performance college. Their top recruiter is TCS

IITS,DCE,NSIT,NITs are a million times better than VIT.

@Gaurav: Thapar etc are through AIEEE, right? Cut-off will obviously be less than NITs, so I’d say around 150.

@Sonu: Right, people do need to concentrate on AIEEE / BITSAT now.

@Others: Nobody is saying that VIT is better than IIT / DCE. But I do feel that if you have a good rank, then doing computer science engg at VIT is a better option than going in for some obscure branch in NIT / IIT which you’re not interested in. Comparison on Average package basis is flawed, because the academically performing students in VIT CS *do* get good placements. It’s just that because of donation seats their average goes down.

Gaurav IIITs and MNITs require a good rank….last year my friend got 225 and didnt even get to see them….u must score atleast 260 + to get in them…

an state rank under 50 can fetch u Cs in MNIT….and so up upto propably 500 rank….so start preparing and continue working hard….

However i am the one not following this and have stopped studying…Those IPL Matches are kinda distracting me a lot….Guys thats the reason i scored 83 in VIT (i expected arnd 100)….

Although Aieee is easy but 7 lac students
(includes abt 4 lac fools)give it and so rank atleast under 10000 is reqd….I know its kinda tough to start that momentum again if their is a break in ur schedule…so better dont let it break….

Best of luck again

Once and for all

NIT are far better than VIT,
IIT is far better than NIT…

PLEASE tell me the answer to the folln ques guys

I m getting 241 in JEE and expect that i will get rank around 2000…or lower
which is better …civil at iit RORKEE\GUWHATI … or some lower branch at DELHI\BOMBAY\KANPUR….

please do share ur views on it…
Thapar is also a good college..ive heard…anyone knows…

Another one is DAIICT which is a very good college (thru Aieee)…then their is NIRMA (lil seats for other states)….
DCE everyone knows is good….

Hey ppl!!!i checked my “witty” 2008 papaer frm da net!!!iam not sure if the solns published r upto the mark( ie wether they r accurate)!!!!I am gettin 80 marks in VITEEE 2008!!!cud u tell me if i’ll get in!!!also i wanted to knw wich list approx!!thnk u!!??

Guys please remove all doubts from your minds regarding IITs. IITs are synonymous with an open sea of opportunities. Even the so called lower rung branches provide you with more opportunities than [email protected] some other college like VIT or NIT. Unless you screw up your grades like an ass you will find yourself much better placed in life with that IIT degree. And another point is that Mr. Ankur I hope you understand that a student doesn’t really know what he is interested in doing at such an early stage. I know a number of CS guys at IITs who realized that they were never made for CS and would have preferred Physics had there been no pressure because of the “social paradigm”.

I agree IIT Nits r a billion times better!!but wen we knw we hve our back up otion safe!!!!we tend to give exams like aieee nd bits with more confidence nd no fear!!!i hope to get a good rank in aieee!!

I am getting around 70 numbers in VIT what is my possibility and if yes then what branch i will get


Hi i am a student IIT Delhi.
U all look too worried.I think i might solve ur problem.
All the students getting above 50% will be selected in VIT.But this college has no reputation in India.
There are numerous colleges better than Vit.
All the fool students who dont get selected in IIT,below 1 lakh rank in AIEEE,and not even in their states exam get selected in VIT.
All the students getting 67-70 has the potential to clear AIEEE with a good rank.
My suggestion to u all will be that prepare hard for exam like BITS,AIEEE etc.
And i know many of u must be getting good marks in IIT too so forget Vit as it wont suit ur persona and would ruin ur carrer as placements in viteee is 10/20

U will get through but i know u have the potential to clear aieee with good rank.
U will surely get NIT if u work hard.
Dont ruin ur carrer by going into Vit.
U might get a far far better collegr than vit.
No one knows abt vit.
It is not the right place to go for intelligent people.
This vit is only for fools.

mukesh u will surely get good rank in AIEEE if u work hard.
Vit has got nothing.
AIEEE would provide u with lots of oppurtunities a very good carrer.
VIT would ruin it for sure.

No dont go there as there is huge placement problem in VIT.
U got 80 in vit but if u work hard u can get good NIT.
NIT as everyone knows is far far better than vit.
I would say take drop and prepare for exam like IIT or AIEEE rather than going in VIT.
If u work hard now u can even clear aieee now.

I got 315 in 2007 and i got 158 AIR.
U might get around 5000-6000 in IIT.
But with ur potential u can clear AIEEE easily and get a good rank.
VIT is surely off for u.
Dont ruin ur carrer and expect a good rank in IIT and AIEEE.
There is an increment in seats by 1500 in IIT.
So,that might increase ur chance of getting decent course in IIT

hai ankit kansal

Nice comments buddy!!!
I m gettn 243 in JEE and only 81 in VIT….Forget VIT and let me know if u have time that what shud i expect from IIT JEE Results….Well i screwed Vit since i was way careless for it…

I will go to VIT counselling if im called …just wanna see their campus…they say its great…

Please tell me abt my JEE performance…

@ankit: u say that u got 315 marks and 158 AIR
thats strange coz a friend of mine got 327 and he got only 463 AIR! r u sure u got only 315, or was that 351 or something??
either u r bluffing, but if u r not, i m deeply sorry!

achyuth sanjay

Sanjay if u have any friend in IIT delhi ask him about me and by the way i got 315 and 158 rank last year.I dont have to prove this to u.
I think ur friend is bluffing with u.
I was expecting near 350 but i got 315 and 158 AIR.

sonu 243 is good enough to land u with a good branch in IIT Guwhati,IIT Roorkee.

VIT campus is not that great.It has been only given 16/20 for its infrastructure and all the IIT’s have got 18 or 19 out of 20 for its infrastructure.

its shockin.. 158 at 315..!! not doubting ur intentions but its really hard to belive.. anyways bhaiya i waana ask u will it be worth takin chem., civil, biotech aero ect in top 5 iit(xcept ree n guhati)..?? if possible please let me now the avrage of therse branches.. plese.. i am gettin 270-280 this year.. expectin rank bw 1200-1500.. suggest me somethin..

also tell me will it be wise 2 go 4 core branches in new iits like hyd.. what say??

n how r ree n guhati..?

well Ankit

What do i get in guwhati or Rorkee!!!u said a good branch!!

take into consedration that that this year paper was tougher than last years…(I gave JEE 2007)…That might change something…

Well I am satisfied wid Civil and Chemical AT IIT ….Do I have A chance at Delhi \ Bombay\ Kanpur???

expect a rank of arnd 2000…..Please do reply


ankur and ankit, u guys are doing really well in giving very nice and expert comments. Hats off to you both and all the best for the future.(which , is obviously, verry bright for you two).
As for me, yar, i am quite depressed as i knw that i am not getting in iit and i am getting around 65 marks in vit. i am writing this message at around 5:00 pm in evening of 25th of april. I am really worried and as aieee is round the corner , i have a feeling that imight not be able to crack it!! Guys please give me the best advice possible as i am really low on confidence. pl reply as soon as possible. I would be very thankful to you both.



@ankit: i m really sorry. but are u sure its 315, coz another of my friends (u might know him coz he is in delhi, shayak sen) got 350-odd marks and he was AIR 63. should there be a gap of atleast 45 marks for only 90 odd ranks??

and btw, i m not really impressed by ur argument. logically speaking, its just one man’s word against the other, and naturally, i will trust the one whom i know personally!

achyuth sanjay

my friend sanmukh got around 280 and he got a rank 732 AIR in IIT and he got CS in IIT guwhati.
And as i have said earlier if u want any help u can ask me and i dont have to prove abt my performance in IIT.

Sanjay i am student of 1st year Delhi IIT and i dont know who is that guy u r talking about.Now u r faking it.

If u wanna see my rank get the list of top 200 students selected in IIT last year and search my name on 158.

last year my friend got 304 marks and got 236 rank in IIT.
I am expecting around 300 what would be my rank in IIT and what would i get.

@ankit:hi, i m getting arnd 205 marks in iit-jee.will i get any decent dual degree branch in any of the iits(except iit guwahati). by the way i want precise info abt ranking coz a senior of mine got 304 marks & 817 AIR.plz reply coz i m getting confused

hi i hve opted for bio courses n i wanna know dat whether ranks published differently for bio students ????? pls reply??n i m getting about 75 in this ?/is it enough for bio courses?n which rank i should suppose???

ranks r published sepratly… i dunno now about cut off much 4 bio but fell that u might jst creep in..

ranks r published sepratly… i dunno now about cut off much 4 bio but fell that u might jst creep in.. bol

DISASTER HAPPENED TO ME…..THE INVIG..SNATCHED AWAY the paper before i could fill my maths answers in OMR…It all went horribly wrong for me..

I am gettn 241 in JEE AND arnd 80 IN VIT…am i safe…i feel like im buried…help

hey dude i am getting 250 in IIT and 220 in AIEEE & 85 in VITEEE. What rank can i expect in both exams?Which wld be a better option to opt IIT or NIT according to the ranks i get

Well i got 91 in viteee, 201 in aieee can i get something in aieee which can overtake what i m going to get in vit.
what’s the cut off rank for MNIT, NIT warangal, trichy and IIIT-H.

waiting desperately for a reply.

4 iiit hyd, last rank 4 admission was 2200 -50.. no ideas of nits.. hey im gettin 240 in aieee?? what rank can i expect??

I am Bharadwaja. I am getting 114 in IIT, 70 in VIT, 163 in AIEEE. I am also preparing for EAMCET & BITSAT. I am interested in admission of IIIT or NIT Warangal.
Basing on my AIEEE score could u pl. tell me in which branch and which college can I get the seat.

Eagerly waiting for reply.

hey i m getting a score of 75 in vit……is this enough 4 gettin me there??or should i jus 4get abt it….plzzzzzz reply!!!!

@Shalini: Yes, that should be enough for VIT.

@Tarun: Probably won’t get NIT, but maybe some other good government college. But if you’re getting 274 in JEE, why bother?

@Bharadwaja: Probably won’t get NIT / IIIT, but some other government college. You’ll get VIT though.

@Shubhangi: Admissions at VIT go on up to rank 10000-12000. Sure, you may not get the top courses like comp sci, but you’ll probably get mechanical etc.

Hey Ankur and Ankit
i have got rank-7802 in Amrita Vishwavidya Peeth. But the first round of counseling is till rank-3700 only.
what do you think do i have a chance at 7802??
plzzz try and find out even if you dont know
plzzz yaar i m very tensed.
do reply

Hey… I am getting around 220-230 in IITJEE and around 190- 200 in Aieee. My VIT Score should be around 90-95. So what chances do I have ??????

Hey ! I got 6131 rank in VITEEE but the counselling is only upto 6000 rank. So do I have chances of admission ?

my rank in viteee 08 is 14000. should i expect to be called for counseling. does anyone know how many were called last year.

Last year VIT called till rank 12000-13000 for counseling, so I’m sorry that with 20000 you’re probably not going to be called for counseling.

hare krishna
ankur,in prospectus of witty it is written that candidates upto 6000
got seat,but you have written that rank of 10000-12000 are also called .is it confirmed?as i got 9618 ,what about me please write.

Hi ankur sir,
I got 112 in manipal uget(engineering).
Do i have any chance of getting thru..
and if so what branch can i expect.

Hey me gt my rank — 12610.
hi ankur can u plzz help me out what should i expect
can u give us a general outline fr wat 2 expect.
drop me a mail wen u reply to this blog!!!
all others post ur scores lets hav a general outline .

hey ankit..
please tell me i’ve got 175 marks in aieee. what should i do now. should i take drop since i am getting around 130 in iit

ive got a rank of 4293 in VIT
I gave bio
do i have a chance of getting the biomedical engineering course??
please reply…i am extremely anxious
too much pressure from parents!!

Hi ! I have got rank 6131 in VITEEE. Counselling is upto 6000 rank. So will there be secound counselling? Can I get admission ?

hi ankur,
my viteee08 rank is 7400.which all branches can i get in vit?? is vit a reputed university in india? pls do rply…it’s too urgent…

hi all
this might sound a bit odd, but this is the first time I am commenting on this blog. I was googling my name and I found these comments. Some asshole has done that to defame me, there are a lot of people in gwalior i guess who are jealous of me.
I say that VIT is not a bad college and all that written above is crap. I want the author of this blog to highlight this comment and publicize it.
I got 357 marks in JEE and so AIR 158. the data above is incorrect.
@author : delete rubbish comments from my name and publicize this one.

ankit kansal..

i havnt studied anything of class 11th…can i crack JEE or AIEEE…i hav done my class 12th course very well.

@Mohit: Dude, you have like three months left. So use that time to study and brush up class 11th. Because otherwise forget getting a rank, you won’t even get through. If you say you’re good at class 12th, revise that a bit first and then get on with studying for 11th.

hii…this is lekha…….wich r the best colleges for biotech considering that i didn’t have maths as an option in +2…is vit rly nt gud for me?? pls do reply…

heyy…..any 1 thr????….this is really a old blog !!
okk… iam talking abt viteee 09……
iam getting around 70-73…..will i’ll be selected ??????……….plz rply if any body has read it !!!!!

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