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By on Apr 30, 2008 in Tech Takes | 0 comments

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I’ve been thinking of starting a few websites off late, you know, now that almost all my exams are getting over (and the chances of getting through any place good, other than NTU, slim). Haven’t started work as yet, but yes, I do plan to as soon as my ‘fundraisers’ bring out their pot of leprechaun gold. For now, just hang on to your pyjamas and wait for updates on WHAT those sites would be about.

One thing which I’ve been doing a lot of these days is looking for some cheap and reliable web hosting to get started with. That’s because my current hosting plan – which I use for this blog – doesn’t allow me to host multiple websites on the same account. And apart from the new projects which I want to start, we also need a reliable host for the Code Warriors’ website, which has been having problems with its MySQL databases for some time.

It’s this searching-out-hosts thingy which is a pretty tough to task. Frankly, there’s so many choices around on the Web – hundreds, maybe thousands – of web hosts. It gets difficult to compare their features and their prices. One such nice place to do a search is Web Hosting Pal. Pretty uncomplicated website, not overloaded with information. That would be quite a bundle of relief to newer websmasters; with a nice beginner’s guide to walk them through an explanation of the various features which they might want and / or have to pay for. This is important, because many times I’ve seen people get swayed into paying for features they don’t really need. On Web Hosting Pal, you can compare features and read in-depth details / reviews about the different hosts – say, comparing between which ones support ASP / PHP, the databases offered, etc.

Anyway, stay tuned for more updates on any new sites I’ll be starting. :)

Brought to you by Web Hosting Pal.

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