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Download DCE / NSIT CEE Previous Year Question Archive

Delhi College of Engineering’s entrance exam – the DCE / NSIT CEE 2008 (Common Entrance Exam) is going to be held on 31st May 2008. Curiously however, there’s hardly any stuff available online as far as papers or preparatory material is concerned. Quite odd, given the fact that a LOT of students give this exam from Delhi. Anyway, I *did* manage to track a question archive down. Click here to download the DCE / NSIT CEE Previous Year Question Archive (2006-2007). It’s a zipped archive containing the PDF files of question papers (with solutions) for all three parts (physics, chemistry, math). These solutions were created by Amity Institute of Competitive Studies.

Note that these papers are ‘memory-based’ – that is, some bloke who sat for the exam was made to recollect and write down all the questions with their options. That’d be the case because you aren’t allowed to take the question paper with you after the exam is over. Therefore, some questions might have been missed out, or the wordings may be different – but the point here is that you WILL get a general idea of how the paper is.

DCE / NSIT CEE is generally tough to get through in, simply because the numbers of seats is quite less; and a lot of students and / or their parents don’t allow mamma’s boys / girls to leave Delhi for studies. They’d “die if they eat hostel food”, blah blah are among the reasons I’ve heard being offered by parents. Nevertheless, people do get through – like Ankit Sud – now in NSIT. I think he got rank 69 if I remember correctly. Ask him the secret of his success, and he’d probably reply:

Get your bloody arse away from the computer / blogging and STUDY.

In other news, Hindustan Times ran an article today about the sorry state of Delhi College of Engineering. Apparently, the computer science engineering course hasn’t been updated for the past ten years. I can imagine that’s probably true (and not an exaggeration). You just need to have a look at DCE’s or NSIT’s website to see 1990s HTML design guidelines in their full glory. I’m talking about the official sites, not the ‘sort of officially unofficial’ sites that the brilliant lads at DCE / NSIT have thankfully created to maintain their reputation. (I’m NOT being sarcastic here.) HT goes on to say that there’s quite a bit of faculty crunch, with quite a few classes running on guest faculty. Also, the lads in mechanical engineering haven’t been able to get their paws on AutoCAD (it’s a design software) – and design software is almost exclusively used these days instead of oversized protractors and drawing sheets.

Which brings me to something I generally say: it seems that most of these places like DCE / NITs have pathetic infrastructure. However, simply because of the fact that the number of seats are less, they’re able to generate a lot of hype of ‘being tough to get into’, and use that to make recruiters part with their greenbacks. I think India should hang its head in shame, rather than tom-tom the ‘greatness’ of these institutions which have reached where they are simply by not keeping up with the times and stagnating the amount of seats available. Other top-rated institutes across the world get where they are based on the research being conducted there. India takes the easy way out, and simply goes in for a ridiculous admission intake ratio. It’s a fact that even the IITs publish a minuscule number of research papers in a year. You can read the whole Hindustan Times article on DCE by clicking here.

At the end of the day however, life will move on. A nation will cheer as another batch of handful of brilliant (and I’m the first one to admit it, without sarcasm) students get into these over-hyped institutions. Who cares about creativity and talent anyway? Not India. They just want people who can give up two years of their lives burning the midnight oil.

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Right, research is totally not something Indian Institutes are built for. Institutes like IISc B’lore can still be regarded for something, but definetely not places like IIT, DCE/NSIT and totally not any NIT college!
I put a significant blame ont he students for this. I hardly see anyone passionate about any subject. People don’t see the university they get into with study related prospects, but just get in with one word in mind – Placement!
I am yet to document a lengthy post on my blog on this, but well, people study engineering today only and only for money. I know people who aim to become a ‘software engineer’ coz it pays money, keeping in mind they know shit about software!

The love for the subject is crushed at an early stage…..Studying for two years…who’s actually enjoyed the subject? or had time to explore ideas.
Its just a rat race. [ha.]

@Prashanth : No not really, just a little push is required after the JEE and AIEEE.

As i have mentioned millions of times, i had already decided to goto BITS before i gave the CEE so i was not under any pressure, that coupled with honest and regular studying for 2 years (when in FIITJEE/VMC etc.)helps get a good rank.

Also as a matter of fact :: Unlike DCE, We have super strict attendance in NSIT for the last 2 sems. In fact people with 70% attendance have their names in the detainees list.

i truly agree wid u ppl.
almost all engineering students are money minded n a lofty placement is all one aims for here.there is hardly any scope 4 creativity n even if one tries 2 do sth unconventional or take the road less travelled then he/she is pressed down by parents n society.
we indians really need to change our mentality

i wd like to clarify one point here with u ppl. do u mean to look down upon anyone who does an mba after engg. and praise anyone who does research after engg.? i think people shd also think whether research suits them or not, and more importantly, as i always tell kids, they should think whether taking up science in 11th suits them or not!!

@Tikna: Yes, I know you’ve said that many times. I also know you’ve said ‘get your bloody arse away from blogging many times’. ;)

@Achyuth: Yes, people who go in for MBA after Engg are people who’re only in it for money, and have absolutely no *desire* for engineering. Tell them any other damn field with assured packages of such and such level, and they’ll go for it. By ‘research’, I don’t only mean academic type research with PhDs and Masters degrees. Even Google and it’s PageRank is ‘research’. Microsoft’s code for Altair is research. That’s kind I’m talking about. Sadly, India doesn’t produce that either. Probably because they’re too busy preparing for CAT. :P

I agree with Ankur. I recently read an article which said that PhD Research in India is a sham now. And its quite the sad truth. All people are running towards is an MBA degree….And thats the real sad part. And not only PhD research, even engineering course is just a route towards the big CAT-RAT Race ;-)
Anyways, students should also pick better at 2 and choose what they r interested in rather than being blind-eyed.

i would tend to disagree with prashanth here. i am planning to do an mba after my engg. and i can assure u that its not bcoz of the money. infact, i want to start a business on my own, like many others from IIMs (who i agree are exceptions, but u haven’t left the scope for exceptions in ur argument, have u??). its bcoz, i know i don’t hv the aptitude for in depth research on a particular field in engg. instead, i want to do engg. (preferably mechanical, which is the most general), and having a basic idea abt it, pursue an MBA, and then hopefully start a business in which i can utilize my knowledge in engg.

No offense to Achyuth here but I’d agree with Ankur on the point of Engineers turned MBAs.My dad is a freelance Cad/Engineering consultant and often deals with automobile companies in his work.He says that that earlier on managers were people who started on the bottom rung as engineers in his time did and had worked their way to the top so they knew what kind of work their subordinates did and how hard or easy it was.Young engineers turned managers(Who according to my dad are the worst kinds you have to deal with)these days know shit about what and how people below them are working and they “manage” the company by sheer brute force.Its the I-don’t-damn-about-how-its-done-I-just-want-it-NOW
policy that rules there at least in India.What beats me is why one needs a separate degree to know how to manage an organization.

india and engineering are shit…india is the land of the brain dead by-the-copybook bastards and engineering is the course of choice for them, and that is why they gel so well together.

Rach, that is bullshit. Generalizing the public as such definitely isn’t too smart.

Ankur – colleges, even IITs (let alone your NITs, DCE, NSIT etc) do not get nowhere near the funding that colleges in Europe, USA and Canada do. Research work, that is done as of now, is mostly done on obsolete infrastructure and frankly put – very little is of real practical use to the modern world.

No matter what they say – the IITs are way behind the world’s other top engineering colleges in terms of research. Also, you have to look at the fact that India at this point doesn’t really require researchers. Considering the scale of globalisation, technology and infrastructure can always be brought from foreign shores, and since India is a developing country – the scope of engineering is really very high. At this point of time, it IS skilled engineers that we need, not scientists.

IITs, anyway, are still very young institutions. Albeit I have to admit that i cannot see the system improving in the next ten years – I would still like to see how things turn out in that period. The influx of visting lecturers from top universities in the USA is increasing every year, and with more recognition, the future can only get better.

As for your PhDs, you can’t blame the young people for running towards more and better money, can you? Fact is, unless you’ve done your PhD or M.Sc from someplace good in the USA, it really counts as fuckall.

Then you can move on to the other points such that in the eyes of most of our citizens; there is no better qualification than a B.Tech + M.B.A., and that sort of talk does influence us all. Not to forget – look at the number of offers and the type of offers that people who have done an MBA from an IIM have received, and compare them to the ones that Post graduates from IITs get. Unless you are deeply into science and engineering, it makes no sense to me as to why you should go ahead and do a PhD.


@uma: not meaning to offend u either(!), but i don’t think that u ought to generalize the whole thing, considering only ur point of view. i don’t think there is any point in this debate, unless we get out there and feel for ourselves what is going on.

@Achyuth: Could you explain to me how starting your own company does NOT have anything to do with money? In fact, it has everything to do with money. :) Yes, you might be turning down an assured salary right after graduation – but that is with the knowledge that after your company finds its feet, you WILL get cash inflows simply because ‘IIT IIM’ has people acting like sycophants in India. And in case it makes an IPO in the stock market some day, you know you’ll hit pay dirt.

I’m not against people setting up companies as such. Jerry Yang did. Larry Page and Sergey Brin did. Steve Jobs did. Bill Gates did. But they did it because they had a GOOD idea, and there was no company around to implement it. They LOVE their work. Even when Google was struggling in its infancy, and Yahoo offered to buy it, they refused because they BELIEVED in their idea and wanted to work for it. Jerry Yang too, turned down Microsoft’s $47 BILLION bid – because ‘his heart bleeds purple and yellow’. It was an insanely good offer, and if they joined M$ then they’d have had virtually unlimited resources for R&D and their financial future would have been secured. Yang himself would have got $3 billion for the shares he owns. Yet he didn’t, and chose to continue on his own – because he realised that all those people who’ve worked with him to make Yahoo what it is today wouldn’t like to spend the next few years re-coding their services to ASP.NET, just because M$ wants it, than working on new projects.

On the other hand, in your case for example, you DON’T have an idea which you think nobody else can implement. I’m damn sure it’s a predetermined path to hit your own pot of leprechaun gold, and I’m also quite certain that all this would have been influenced by the ‘parents relatives brigade’. It takes guts to become an entrepreneur, no doubt, but it’s the fundamental difference in WHY you’re becoming it. Like Uma said, in earlier days, engineers worked up the ladder. They *actually* sweat it out. Today’s skewed admission ratio is a failure of this nation as a whole.

PS – No offence, Achyuth. :) You may actually have a ground-breaking idea, but the point is, the overwhelming majority doesn’t give a damn, and only cares about placements. They’d take up pottery or saree weaving if they were paid Rs 8 lakh per year for it. And I’m talking of the general situation here. It’s NOT a ‘sweeping generalization’ because people who actually care for engineering would only be about 5% of those who sit for the exams or get through.

@Prateek: Yes, I read that article. However, rather than the cheerful tone, I think it’s more of a matter of shame for us. My point is, 140 ONLY?! Institutes worldwide do better than that. And Indian institutes hardly file for ANY patents. IBM – a single company – alone files more patents per year than Indian institutes put together.

People in India go “Oh wow, this IITian is get Rs 8 lakh

per annum”. It may be a *good* amount in India, but the

R&D that these companies send to India is nothing more

than in-house testing. Mostly, that is. We’re nothing but sweatshops to wrap the package up. And the salary an IITian gets would also be peanuts compared to what an MIT graduate would be getting. Let’s face it, the only way an 80th ranked institute like IIT survives is by keeping its number of seats far less than the demand.

@Ramit: If India needs to become an actual force, then it needs to start doing original research, not outsourced work. If we just simply ‘import technology from outside’ then we aren’t doing actual work. Already many companies are shifting coding bases to Eastern European countries like Estonia which has a large population of tech savvy programmers and white hat hackers from the Soviet era – people who LIVE technology and have a passion for it. And are ready to get paid less than IIT grads. And I’m NOT talking of call centres, I’m talking about the kind of ‘R&D’ work that gets done here. All those portly unclejis and auntyjis who force ‘IIT IIM’ down our throats, what do THEY know about the fact that most Google employees in India are not R&D people but work for its AdWords program? To them, and ignorant news reporters, it is summed up by just one line: ‘works for a reputed MNC’. I think NOW, more than ever, the current generation needs to rise and say ‘Fuck ye’ to the ‘relative brigade’ and go ahead and do what THEY want in life.

I’ve seen so many people in my own school who’ve taken up engineering (or even science stream) simply because their ‘parents said so’. And it’s a staggeringly large number, almost all of them.

This is where Jimi’s point comes in – they may be able to slog it out for two years, get a bloody 300 in JEE to get software engineering; and yet they’ll not know and have passion for what ‘software’ *is*.

@ankur: i wd like to calrify once more. are u saying that if u have taken up engg. u HAVE to do research?? or do u HAVE to slog it up the ladder. btw, i think those who go to IIMs have already slogged their bit while preparing for CAT!!

P.S. i m in no way influenced by my parents, let alone relatives. my parents did not know i could slog, so they advised me to take up commerce!! guess i proved them wrong there.
my stand on this issue, is that keep the 2 things- research , and people going on to do MBAs after engg. separate. If there is lack of research in India, forcing people to take up research instead of MBAs is not the solution because
1. You are then virtually forcing a student to do research, in which already money is poor! after all, one does need to survive! its like forcing people to buy CNG, and then overpricing CNG exorbitantly!
2. my fundamental question – what is wrong with doing an MBA after engg.??

the few people who want to do research, go and do it abroad, because of
1. lack of funds for projects
2. lack of facilities
3. measly stipends.

The actual solution to the shortage of good quality research in the country, would be to remove these shortcomings, and make the people who want to do research stay in the country.

Ankur, there’s one answer to that.

Fact is, it has been this way since the forever. India still doesn’t look beyong the CA, the doctor and the engineer. It was the same thing when my father was my age, and it’s the same thing now.

Go ahead with what WE want? Create scope and we will…

@Achyuth: I’m not saying you HAVE to do research. But I *am* saying that so MANY of the ‘engineers’ shouldn’t be taking the MBA route, just for more money. Have a look at the VIT solution download page on my blog. Everyone’s just comparing institutes on ‘how much salary I’ll get’. Sheesh! Don’t get me wrong, I *said* that you might have a good idea. What I *am* against is this sort of thing:


And I’m also against parents forcing their students into science. You’re indeed lucky to have parents who didn’t pressure you into that route. I’m lucky too to have parents who leave decisions up to me. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with 90% of the students I come across.

I feel that ‘lack of funds’ is only an excuse (this answers Ramit too). Mind you, I’m not talking of Masters / PhD type academic research. I’m simply saying that more engineers should at least THINK about giving up IIM, take that Rs 4 lakh salary after IIT, and do something INNOVATIVE. As I said, Google itself is also something new – it’s research.

And WE need to change the doctor-engineer-CA situation. By daring – even rebelling – to pick careers of our choice. The economy was different in your dad’s time, Ramit. Those were the days of Krishi Darshan and government banks. In today’s economy, it IS possible for a guy to be a journalist / animator / graphic artist / editor / writer etc etc – and yet, have a decent salary to live on. WE can’t just hang up our boots and blame the government / funding each time.

No one is blaming the government, although I’ll still continue to blame the funding. My mum is a professor in AIIMS, and HOD in UCMS, so I know what kind of facilities they get and what kind John Hopkins, Yale Medical receive.

Yes, you can do all that, the “unconventional” stuff, and make a decent living, but aren’t we beyong the “decent” living nowadays? If there is a career out there where people can enjoy a salary which gives them royalty, I know that no one would want to settle for a hard life working as a freelance journalist or soething and slog out each day to get what? 2 l.p.a? I’m talking of averages by the way, there are exceptions.

I know many many ornithologists and photographers based in Delhi. And you know what, despite them being globally acclaimed in their fields and interests and actually making a living out of it – not a single one of them is still living on that as a career alone. Most of them own some company, are programmers etc.

Money does matter, Ankur. And it makes a hell lot of difference. You can pursue whatever you want once you get your degree. Or atleast that is the case in India. I may sound like an oldie, and I at one point of time was convinced that we have to rebel. But now I know people who did so, and are regretting it to some extent.

as far as IIM after IIT is concerned, I’m on the same wavelength as you are.

just deviating from the topic a bit- how abt this solution. We guys do an MBA after our engg. and then start companies that actually make it easy for researchers to work here – something on the lines of BioCon or something??

@Ankur:Exactly.I’ve got 300 comments regarding VIT and most of them are like
“Naman Sir,Can you please tell me about the average placement for VIT for Mechanical?”

@Ankur: Yes u r rite its quite a shame….
Yes i agree with Ankur many people choose “streams” because their parents tell them so and all my classmates have gone for science Some of them without thinking….
@Achyuth – Mate u cant generalise, that Commerce people dont slog…..There shall be no discrimination between streams be it Medical, Science, arts etc. How many famous engineers can u name BTW? And think of scientists….U will be able to name quite a few. Commerce and other stream students do slog for CBSE results and other things like entrances….Chartered Accountancy and other Financial Analyst positions/courses are not easy and the slog is the same as sitting for a JEE or a CAT. CA is one of the most challenging professions there is. And BTW I have chosen Commerce as my stream because I am interested in it :-) Money and placements shall come if u r good in ur work etc. A CA last year who had an experience of around 8 years did an MBA and bagged a international salary of 1 Crore . So all this depends on various factors – Like interests, ability, work ethics, companies. Its a whole circle of things.
I know of software engineers who dont even know whats a USB Port…Imagine!
I recently went to Kota to attend a family function…..And my god….Its the city (or rather village) of mosquitoes and JEE aspirants. Every Street has a JEE coaching centre and hostels alongside. Almost each family rents rooms to these students who slog it out in the heat and yes so many mosquitoes!!!! Kota thrives on this industry…..BANSAL Classes is actually located in just a home….Its sorta tourist attraction there ;-)
There are lots of research options in India too like the Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre and others like IISC Bangalore and TIFR….They maybe in lack of funds but not the passionate scientists. All u need is some innovation and passion to implement new ideas as Ankur rightly said, its about believing in ur idea. I agree that we cant blame the government. A recent report said that the applicants for PMT are declining say only 1.8 Lakh Students sat for it. So India has a shortage of doctors also..Not many people are interested in Medical and Law as it takes many years!!!! Now thats really sad…
We have to stop the Brain Drain to foreign countries….As Swades showed.
I suppose I too intend to start my own venture in the future. ;-)
Hope for the best.

@ prateek: extremely sorry mate! actually, after 10th, my view was that in science, you have to slog like hell, and in commerce, its not that much. but through the 2 years, i now know that whether you take science or commerce or even humanities, if u need a good career, slogging is necessary! i in now way meant to demean commerce, infact i find commerce a bit tougher because if u want to do a BCom, then u depend on Boards to get 96 , which in my opinion is tougher than JEE, CAT or any goddamn exam in this world!!

@Achyuth – No probs, I know u did not mean it that way. Anyways, things about difficulty level and all are subjective and differe from person to person. CBSE is definitely easier than a JEE or a CAT or an IAS……….But yes sky-rocketing cut-offs have made getting into courses in Commerce in Universities really tough!!!

Oh well, looks like it has sparked off a big time discussion here. I guess I would have to do with just a summary of discussion here for my blog post about all this…
Honestly speaking, I wish I had a crystal ball to see what my contemporaries would be upto after or during their engg. I would seriously not be surprised if I find Ramit or perhaps even Onkur doing an MBA after being accepting an embarrassing defeat from the pressures Indian policies and situations offer! :P
And of course, I need to see Achyuth’s million dollar idea that makes him confident enough to spend so much time on an MBA… :P (Honestly no offense there…
I agree with Uma when she highlighted the need for a separate degree to manage an organization. Have a look at the resumes of Jobs, Gates, Woz, or even Vinod Khosla. How many of them are MBAs? Dude, you don’t actually need to have a management degree to execute your *winning idea*!

@Ankur: How about summarizing all this stuff and putting it up as exclusive posts with more rants? Or else, it can be a wonderful topic for a GD too… Let it be the first step for rebel. This is SPARTAAAAA!! :D

@Ramit: I’ve two good friends of mine studying at UCMS – former quiz partners – so I do know the conditions there. Yes, there’s a Catch-42 situation in India. No, I won’t say Catch-22, this is SPARTAAA, oops, er Ankur’s blog. :) The thing is, people don’t take up research since companies don’t fund in India. Think about US – a LOT of the research is funded by companies either directly or through sponsoring universities on the basis of revenue sharing agreements. The government’s job is to provide colleges with enough seats and promote commerce, and not necessarily fund research. That’s a field where Indian companies have failed.

I wasn’t talking of freelance journalists. They by definition need to have another job – unless they’re Pulitzer winners. I’m talking of normal, salaried journos – or other professions for that matter. Yes, money makes a difference – but only up to a point. It can make helluva difference for some guy getting 5k bucks per month if he gets a few thousand more, but think about IIT grads. At 4 lakh per annum (33k per month), they can be more than happy. But no, they HAVE TO go to IIM to get triple the salary, the only reason for which I can fathom is to stuff caviar down their throats each day at dinner.

Your last line had me in splits….
Also, this debate was quite interesting and thought-provoking for a student at my stage (Appearing for the entrances)
And, yeah, I know what you mean when you say,”Get off the net and back to your books!”
Am going back to them…

Whoa, people still read those debates in the comments section? That’s nice to hear! :) Best of luck for DCE CEE and other entrance exams – whichever ones are left.

@Achyuth: No hard feelings dude, I know you’re interested in computers. But my point is against all those ‘software engineers who don’t even know what a USB port is’. And against those students who allow themselves to be bullied by parents into science.

@Prashanth: LOL, yes, lively debate. And to think this started as a page for DCE paper downloads. :) Quite frankly, I myself have thought of English (Hons) / Mass. Comm. as a career – specifically for tech journalism. And that’s before class 11th, so no, it’s not spurred on as ‘an alternative choice’. It’s just that our school has functional english, which isn’t recognized by DU (or most other univs) as a course.

@ankur: just to correct u. i m not interested in computers. i am aiming for a mechanical engg. course. i believe, that i do not have the aptitude for programming, and moreover, i dont want to follow the crowd!

and to all others: whatever u ppl say, i think that i am making the right decision by doing an MBA after engg. because money is not in my mind when i do it. from what i have heard from my father, i am interested in the kind of things u learn in mgmt. and hence, want to do it. whatever i do after it, is secondary.

I am practicing DCE paper and my score lies
in 400-488 avg 440
in which major contribution is of phy and chem
i am not able to score much in math
like to finish phy in 35-45 min and chem 40-45min
math takes almost rest of time
what should i do?

I am practicing DCE paper and my score lies
in 400-488 avg 440
in which major contribution is of phy and chem
i am not able to score much in math
like to finish phy in 35-45 min and chem 40-45min
math takes almost rest of time
what should i do?

@Gaurav: Cutoff of DCE is around 390. If you’re getting 440 on average, then relax! Yes, math of course takes time, so do it the way you’re doing currently. Finish physics and chemistry, then to math.

1 any idea about sponsers for projects in LNM jaipur and its placements
2 which rank can get me computers in LNM

Hello ankur. Can u please -please tell me stream wise cut off for dce-2007/2006(and mainly for,ece,mechanical). I searched but cud not get the information(one showed 890 but exam is only of 720). Please help!!!

fuck… its all a sham..

fact is, if u havent slogged 2 yrs, ur life is wasted acc to people…

if ur not a iitian/nitian/bits guy, ur treated like SHIT…

u dont even get a second chance( and im not talking about dropping)…i hate it!

What is the expected cut off Of CEE 2008.
Is there Reservation In DCE As well ws in NSIT….i.e.. 27%…..And is there any Increase in CEAT ….against OBC reservation ((if there is reservation)).

Like ur blog, like the discussions even more considering the age group.

My perspectives on the issues u are discussing.

I have studied at BITS (Mechanical) and at IIM Ahmedabad.

During my time at BITS, admission was based on Board marks (Lucky Me)I was one of the last to get admitted. My board marks were horrible.

BITS is bad. But others can be worse. There were few outstanding professors, most were terrible. I dont think the good profs liked the idea of camping in desert for a serious amount of time.

The HRD ministry is insisting on locating IITs only in cities with Airport. We shud be thankfull someone is thinking on the right lines.

However thanks to the unique BITS academic system, it gave me a lifelong fascination with software and classical music! These were the days before PC was even made!

In fact I have programmed in Fortran using a card puncher machine. Does anyone recall those sexy machines? I am one of those guys who program in Fortran even while using C++.

I did a decent job in Academics. Worked in Engineering for over 5 years.

Pure engineering (Mechanical) is a lousy job. (Achyuth Sanjay to note)
For sometime I wore the factory standard uniform, worked in an all male atmosphere during young adult stage of life, suffered misery of factory regulations, unpleasentness of handling unionized workers and loathed the general ‘non glam’, ‘non sexy’ image of pure engineering.

Got tired of engineering, cleared CAT and landed up at IIM A.

I think the best years of my education (apart from KG and class 1,2) were at IIMA. The atmosphere, the professors, the students and the intensity of studies is still treasured. It was now that I understood what an Academic Institute is.

Life after IIMA was much much better. Pay increased substantially, got overseas jobs, came back to India with enuf dough to retire and caught the India Boom story at the right time to ride the wave.

If u are really wanting to do a software job, does it matter if ur doing textile engineering?

Most IT bigwigs recruit any engineers (mech, auto, met, …) and train them at their campus.

@Pranav and Rohit Madhur: Dunno about reservations. That will be notified by the HRD ministry according to the seats available, I think.

@Rohit Khosla: Nice to hear from BITS / IIM alumuni! :) As I said, I’ve no problem with people taking up MBA because they like it, or taking up software engineering because they like it. What I *am* against is people taking up the hottest fields JUST to make money. They simply go ahead and then become cheap labour for foreign companies. The salaries they pay are good by Indian standards, but its peanuts to say what an MIT grad gets. The end result of this race where kids take up software engg MBA *just* to make money is that people who’re truly interested in these fields don’t get the chance they deserve. But yes, you were quite lucky that they used Board marks in those days. ;) At least, they used to award marks ‘sensibly’ then. These days, they give 100 in languages – totally ridiculous. CBSE obviously is not a good standard for admissions any more.

@rohit khosla: point noted sir! but my counselling is tomorrow and i have already filled in mech. as my first preferences. and also, u might consider urself unlucky to get a “Factory-made” job.i dont mind doing it as long as i am studying what i like for 4 years.
@ankur: so what might u be doing after engg. (if that is what u r gonna do)

@Achyuth: I decided way back to drop a year. I’m interested only in CS and aero, not getting those anywhere. So I won’t take up any other branch just for the sake of doing engg. Will drop. So where are YOU getting admission? ;)

its between IITD and IITM and m gonna study Mechanical Engineering for the next 4 years, unless i get extremely unlucky and dont get a BTech course.
So r u gonna join a coaching institute and drop, or just si at home and study?

hi,i hv got 160 ranking in dce, in st quote,
cn u tell me , if i cn get addmission,
n if yes then which course?

dude,u speak my heart.well i’m in 12th std. n from the past few years i’ve been crying about for what u say.people are hardly botherd about other things .they just want money….

ankur, will u please release dce cee 2008 paper over here for download…….
plz do it fast…….
exm is very near………
n i need it…….
to go through oncee………
i vl b thnkful to u……

will u plz release the DCE CEE 2008 paper here for download…….
do it a lil fst if u can………
exm is very near……..

Since the level of difficulty for this year’s paper was higher, it’s difficult to say. However, you can expect people with up to rank 1000 to get through.

My IIT rank is 5341 , bitsat score is 330 and DCE rank is 70 . I am not interested in CS . What should I prefer – DCE Mech or NSIT ECE or BITS ENI/Mech . Please reply soon

Ah! I’m exactly at the same stage as you were… I’m only interested in CS and Aerospace (The cutoff ranks for which are pretty high – under 1000), but with my current academic state, I probably will only just make it to JEE…

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