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Download Free BITSAT Practice Test Papers

The website (mentioned below) is now in the hands of new owners and the site is completely unrelated to the text below. I am still leaving this post for archival purposes. I encourage you to check out for yourself what the new site is about.

The stuff which most people have come here for first, the explanation. Click on the links given below to download PDF files of BITSAT practice tests from

  • Download free BITSAT Practice Test 1
  • Download free BITSAT Practice Test 2
  • Download free BITSAT Practice Test 3
  • Download free BITSAT Practice Test 4
  • Download free BITSAT Practice Test 5
  • Download free BITSAT Practice Test 6
  • Download free BITSAT Practice Test 7
  • Download free BITSAT Practice Test 8

The password for the opening the PDF files is

The Explanation

Quite a lot of people would be searching for some sort of practice material for BITSAT right now. Good practice material is quite hard to come by online, especially if you want to pay zilch for it. I use Brilliant Tutorials’ online test series for example. Ungrateful bastards. It’s basically run by a company called Vriti Infocom (based in Noida) who rent their servers out to the likes of Brilliant Tutorials and Narayana. Thus both have the same interface, the difference lies only in the questions. And even that may not be so. I informed them earlier of a vulnerability which allowed anyone to log in to their system and take tests; nah, don’t jump in joy yet, they did fix it. And then again of how their system was handing out negative marks even a user left the answer choices blank; because of which they’ve now taken the sensible step of using checkboxes in their forms instead of radio buttons. But did they ever thank me? Send a box of chocs? Or an iPhone (which I would then proceed to smash to bits on a YouTube video)? Nope. Complete arseholes.

I digress. The reason why I’m writing this is because of another bunch of geniuses from a place called These same retards own another site (aimed at candidates for competitive exams) called – talk of a sick sense of humor. Retards, because these mice are far from being pan-dimensional hyper-intelligent beings. They have made PDF versions of their papers available for their users (thanks to Aviatrix for that bit of access); but instead of allowing only logged in users to download, they’ve kept it available for download by EVERYONE. The mice thought they did a slick thing by disabling right click using JavaScript (and using a long URL) so that nobody could copy the file location. Now WHAT is it with companies and JavaScript that they don’t understand? Simply disable JavaScript; or if you’re using Firefox, click on the ‘Advanced’ button next to ‘Enable JavaScript’ in the ‘Contents’ tab (of ‘Options’) and uncheck the box next to ‘Disable or replace context menus’. That’s all it takes to start distributing the links.

That said, it’s my sacred and holy duty to make these people suffer – by offering the link to these files and using THEIR bandwidth. I think there should be a law banning people with IQs lower than 42 from starting their own online test series sites. The founding team of this website are all IITians – which probably is a good explanation as to why they’re stupid enouigh to try and use JavaScript for obfuscation. I don’t care about other things, but these ‘premier world-class educational institutions’ in India sure suck big time when it comes to web technologies. Ten-year old computer syllabi? Gimme a break.

In case you haven’t got them already, you can also download the official BITSAT sample questions, or get some background information about BITSAT…and if you are really daring enough, have a look at the BITSAT cut-offs for previous years.

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Nice work done :D. It’s really pleasing to fuck stupid online services who annoy you.

BTW, if you have the time, do us all a favor by getting rid of the passwords in all the files, and making a rar with all 8 tests, and uploading them somewhere like Rapidshare. Would be really convinient :) . Thanks for the direct links anyway.

Another similar thing I like to do is to get direct links to ebooks or other goodies people offer when you subscribe to their feed. For example, the direct link to Chris Garret’s ebook is –

Just to clarify about that DCE article, the article was super highly exaggerated, the teachers decide what to teach and what not to teach.

The syllabus lists Fortran as the language we learn in programming lab – III, the teachers teach us data structures in C, teachers aren’t stupid you know.

Also as one of our teachers said, the purpose of bachelor’s education is to give a broad scope of everything which this syllabus does. If you want to learn web technologies, join NIIT and start working in a low level job.

The kind of companies which recruit at NSIT/DCE are global majors like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Adobe etc. who are not fools to recruit just anyone.

you had to log in to see that!!!! They’re not put up like that!!! You need an activated account!!!!

questions are too hard and above the level of bitsat
its my kind advice to all the students to not to download these papers

@Tikna: The problem is that most college students coming out these days use ASPX as their platform because of Visual Studio’s click-and-create coding. Sure, they know coding through that well, but don’t know dingo’s kidneys about Apache / Linux. So when and if you want to start a service after NSIT, do hire some ‘low level guys from NIIT’ who KNOW about web technologies. :) I mean, BITSAT Race’s guys are ALL IItians – yet, they’re doing stupid stuff like this. And it’s not even secure. You want to know how you can actually makes links secure even when using JavaScript? Keep the a href bit pointing to “#”, and pass the value of the actual file location to a function, which spawns it in a new window. No need to disable right click. If you do, you simply get a link to the same page point to “#” on that page. To get the actual location, you’d need to open up the source code, and hunt around quite a bit for the URL. Even better, don’t write the URL directly – use a function to write the filename – as BITSAT1.pdf, BITSAT2.pdf, etc. Doing something like disabling right click is plain stupid, that’s what I wanted to say. And make them suffer, because most of these people who pass out of these ‘premier’ colleges feel the need to thank users if they point something I out. I did write to BITSAT Race, BTW.

@Tikna: The career I’m interested in, if I take computers, is system administration / NLP. That’s a field for which absolutely nobody has a dedicated course – people need to get any general comp degree like BE / B Tech, BSc in computers; and the rest is all on your experience. Programmers should realise that even if they do they coding for processing data on a website, the system administrators aren’t expendable fools from NIIT either. Experience of using Linux and a using it to ensure the data is processed fast enough isn’t something a 6-month course can teach. It comes from years of actually USING the stuff you’re working.

@Aviatrix: The point is that even if it’s a password-protected PAGE, the directory and its access hasn’t been filtered to allow only logged in users. It isn’t something ‘impossible’ to do. I’m sure they haven’t even robots.txt’d out that directory from being indexed – so I’ll have fun as I see search engines slurping up their ‘protected’ content.

@Apoorv: Ah sorry dude, your comment went into approval queue because of the two links. Raised limit to 3 now. Couldn’t see your post, some problem with your site’s databases. I’d have downloaded, removed password, and put it on my own hosting – but oh well, I didn’t want to devote too much time to these guys. More specifically, I want THEM to suffer if enough people download the papers from here and they go “Belgium bummer, how are more people than our registered number of users sucking up our bandwidth.” ;)

And yes, RapidShare. Another bunch of fucktards. Apart from the ‘wait this much period before downloading’, they also use idiotic JavaScript. They keep a JavaScript timer on the download page, right? All you need to do is a bit of JavaScript injection to reset it to zero and continue download. Basically, entering javascript:alert(varname=0) does the trick. ‘varname’ would be the variable they use for the timer, which I don’t quite remember what it is, but it’s pretty easy to figure out from their code.

Yaar, it seems they have put on some password for their stuff i think i now need to register ya i totally agree that 99% of IITians dont know the differenece between RAM and ROM but rest 1%LIKE ME are sure class trust me..

@Dharamveer and others – just to correct you, all computer engineers have a course on digital circuits and systems. Not only do we know what RAM and ROM are, we know how they are made and their circuit level implementation and usage.

@tikna wow u know the differnece between RAM and ROM thats quite a big achievement i wish u even knew the full forms, and anyway ankur i m a dumbo and i cant find the password in ur post can u pls mention it again plzzzzzzzzzzz

@Tikna: And you ALSO must be aware of people (I’m sure they visit your blog too) of the kind ‘ANKUR SIR I GETTING 240 IN JEE CAN I GET SOFTWARE ENG PLSSS REPLY!!!!!!’. Plus, as Prateek said once, he met engineering candidates, toppers apparently at Kota who wanted to do software engineering and didn’t know WTF a ‘USB port’ is.

test papers are meant for practise THANKS for giving online test papers of free of cost my kind advise is to publish to of low cost that might be affordable

you’re < 18 and know all that!!!
i feel positively miniscule.
but there is the thing where i’ve had a computer for 3 months in my entire life.
the REAL point of this post is: is it possible to find online bitsat tests that are interactive( mimic the actual thing)?
as opposed to pdf format.or am i being naive by asking?

Nice to see you here jadzia! I can mail you
those papers if you want…i have five..interactive ones!

they go “Belgium bummer, how are more people than our registered number of users sucking up our bandwidth.”

You really think they won’t know how to look up referrer logs?

@Jadzia: Thanks! Yes, there are online services – although I wouldn’t really recommend BITSAT Race, because there’s doesn’t mimic it well enough. Brilliant Tutorials has one which VERY closely mimics the BITSAT environment, but it’s a paid service (available at As for the system they use at the BITSAT centre itself you can get a feel of that from the official samples they put up. Check out this page:

Note that the test itself is short, about 5-10 questions each. I’ve made PDF versions available, as well as the download link for the official EXE files. Hope that helps.

@Ashwan: Given the flash of their genius that I have seen till now (read my post and comments), I don’t think they will. Even if they do check it up, I’m sure they’ll do something what n00bs do – change the filename. Expecting them to have heard of stuff like Leech Protect is too much, because if they haven’t heard of it and implemented it yet, they never will.

Heh. I thought I should check if they’ve at least disabled directory listing for the /pdf folder. Have you looked at that? At least this way, Google hasn’t found their PDFs.

They are running an Apache server though, which makes it bloody easy to stop people from accessing your files.

@aviatrixx!! yes please!
knew about the mock paper on the bits website.inadequate.
but FREE interactive full-length papers are hard to come by. i’m cheap :|
aviatrixx , however, gets a cookie.

@Ashok: Legal? Why not? It’s a bit dodgy, yes, but hey, they deserve it.

@Ashwan: …except they aren’t actually USING it to stop the downloads.

@Jadzia: Uh, TANSTAAFL?

hey!im not able to download these papers
the real bitsatrace site is opening
help me out,can u?


I was not able to download the bitsat pratice question paper. please sent it accross to my id or let me know the link to download.

thanks & Regards,

Hi Ankur.. I’m unable to download the 8 papers listed. It throws up a 404 url not found error. Can u look into it?
I need the papers ASAP please.
Also @Aviatrix can u please mail me the interactive BITSAT papers u have mentioned in these posts?

Thanks a lot guys


hi….please can you mail me a link for the papers of BITSAT which were official or of the standard of original BITSAT exam…
i hope you can help me out….and mail me a link…and i have also seen the sample paper posted by BITS but i would like to practice 180 min papers…
thank you

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