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Weapon of Mass Dehydration

By on May 25, 2008 in Uncategorized | 3 comments

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Here goes my tiny little collection of pictures taken on Towel Day 2008. Featuring [drum roll] my towel. And me too, looking totally like a character from the army of the bawas in the movie 300. View my Towel Day album for rest of the pics (it’s a pretty short one).


  1. haha, the most massively useful thing on the earth. BTW apart from “The Guide”, towel also features quite a bit on South Park if you have seen it..


  1. Needlessly Messianic » Blog Archive » 2008 : Year In Review / 2009 What-The-F Should I Write Now Combo Post - [...] some more exams. Douglas Adams’ death anniversary was remembered. IITians were made fun of. Towel Day was celebrated too.…

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