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w00t!! finally got it….

By on Jun 11, 2008 in On A Whim | 8 comments

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after months(actually a year) of pestering dad i finally got my PC ugraded…..

got a new GFX Card- XFX nVidia 8600 GT XXX edition(DD3 Memory yeah!!!)

new processor- AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ Dual Core Processor(2.7GHz)

and a Gig of RAM – Transcend 667 Mhz(actually got this like last month)

Hardware install took around 15 Minutes……started PC…..went into BIOS….Bios had detected the Card as well as the new processor….. :) proceeded to boot….logged in……vista detected new hardware and installed drivers Automatically  and showed the ready to use dialog…something fishy i thought since i hadnt even inserted the forceware disk….however i went into display properties to check my adapter and what do i see? <no info available>…..ok i was right then i thought….i proceeded to insert the disk and install the forceware….did a quick restart…..went to the the display properties checked adapter and Voila! nVidia 8600 GT!….fired up CPUz and GPUz and here is the result……


 now finally my PC is the way i want it to be…..

not  the best but definitely good…..

PROCESSOR- AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ Dual Core Processor(2.7GHz)


RAM- 3 GB Transcend DDR2 667Mhz

HDD- 160 GB Segate, 160 GB Samsung and 250GB Hitachi

GFX- XFX nVidia 8600GT XXX Edition 

PS- i will be posting benchmark results soon….


  1. Dude, do you know that 9600GT is just Rs. 9000? I called up Rashi Peripherals yesterday as I would be buying one soon…
    And dude, I didn’t know that you too were a member of the AMD Brotherhood… Nice! :D

  2. And then just make sure you install Windows XP x64 on it. It is seriously the fastest OS you have for *gaming*… Vista, even when running on 64-bit is slower, while the 32-bit is abysmally rheumatic.

  3. Boris

    June 11, 2008

    Post a Reply

    @prashanth- yeah i thought of the 9600GT too….but then i could not have bought the processor…coz i only got 10K from dad and I needed a processor upgrade bad!
    and yeah i <3 AMD!!!
    i got XP on Dual Boot….

    @Vivek-cmon dude!who gives a sh*t about punctuation… :D
    and that’s Snoop Dogg in the wallpaper..
    and yeah i AM using IE, i got mozilla too but i am just too used to IE to change….

  4. dude,u should have bought a 9600gt or even an 8800gs.the 9600gt standard edition is much faster than a 8600gt xxx version. If possible talk to rashi for an exchange.

    btw just to make u jealous, this is my rig-
    intel c2d e4500
    msi p35neo2-fr
    2gb corsair ddr2800 4-4-4-12
    msi factory oced 8800gt 512mb
    320gb samsung hdd
    600w ocz power supply

    now burn!

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