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DCE CEE 2008 Results To Be Declared Tomorrow

By on Jun 16, 2008 in On A Whim | 8 comments

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DCE / NSIT CEE 2008 results will be coming out tomorrow…most probably. Apparently, the results have already been put up on the DCE campus, because a friend of mine who’d given the exam knows someone who studies there, and got to know his result today. Since the list is up today at the campus, I expect that the CEE 2008 results will be available tomorrow (17th June 2008) online, on the DCE website. That’s not a big assumption, because their page on Important Dates for CEE 2008 says that sale of admission forms will start on 18th June 2008.

Not expecting anything tomorrow. Wishing luck to everyone else who gave the exam.

Update: The DCE / NSIT CEE 2008 results are out online! Click here to know more about it.


  1. sajid

    June 17, 2008

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    DCE 2008 results are yet to be announced

    can any one tell what is the xact tmw when the result wold be putted on the website

  2. Aviatrix

    June 17, 2008

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    DCE is ridiculous. All the pages talk of CEE-2007! And they havent even removed 2007’s result!! Really pathetic. And WHO can go all the way to Bawana to just see the results??

  3. KKC

    June 17, 2008

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    This shows the great standards of our Govt Colleges (of repute!!!). Most of the info available on website is old.

  4. Ankur

    June 17, 2008

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    @Everyone: CEE staff? I thought DCE site was maintained by students (check the link for ‘WMG, Delhi College of Engineering’ at the bottom of the page on

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