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Check Your DCE / NSIT CEE 2008 Results Here

By on Jun 17, 2008 in On A Whim | 7 comments

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Update: You no longer have to download the whole list to view your result any more. You can check them out online on the DCE website. (Thanks to Tikna for the update)

The DCE / NSIT CEE 2008 results have been put up on the Delhi University website, but they haven’t really taken the care to draw any attention to it. You’ll need to scroll down on that page a bit. Or simply click here to download the result list for DCE / NSIT CEE 2008. It’s a PDF file (approximately 1.04 MB in size – still, a smaller download than viewing the text file on the DU website), so in case you haven’t got a PDF reader handy, you can download the very small and handy Sumatra PDF viewer from this page. Oh, and the file I’ve put up is only for the general category students; others can download their category’s result files from the DU site (link given at the beginning of this paragraph).

The funny thing is, that instead of going the general way – creating a database and then allowing individuals to check their result – they simply took the easy way out and put up a text document containing everyone’s result online. Seems like a text document fresh from sorting from their guys at scanning – haven’t seen PRT files being used for formatted text. A really dumb way to distribute the results too, because if they really want to handle the load of loads of people checking the results the more sensible way would have been using databases. Then again, maybe they don’t have that capability on their host.

Another interesting thing. The official DCE website is apparently maintained by students. I’d have expected the site to be a bit better looking and more updated than THAT – the site has hardly any information about CEE 2008! Surely the sort of people who can make can make a better ‘official’ site. Maybe it’s not the same people.


  1. Tikna

    June 17, 2008

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    And you should be happy that the whole list has been released, so if there is some discrepancy, people can point to it.

  2. Rohit Khosla

    June 18, 2008

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    Total Transpaerncy
    I like that
    One step more would have been to upload the answer sheets correted) Below a certain rank like say 750.

    Look at the mess IITs have made in their 2006 admissions.

  3. Ankur

    June 19, 2008

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    @Rohit: I’d rather say that COMED-K’s system is more open. I haven’t given it, but apparently, in that they release their answering key online after the exam is over, and throw it open for challenges from the public for 2-3 days. Anyone can raise objections then, on whether an answer is wrong or not. After the the 3 day period, the answers are ‘locked’, and the papers are scanned and checked. After the results come out, students get a full report, indicating the option THEY had marked in the paper, the option which is correct (from the marking key) – question-wise. If anyone feels there’s a discrepancy, i.e., knows that he marked a particular option and the report he gets shows he has marked some other option, then there’s a process of appeal through which the paper is re-checked manually. This is a system which former IIT profs like K D Joshi have suggested even the JEE should adopt.

    I think THAT’s a transparent system. Releasing the whole list as a download – a 2 MB download – when thousands of people are expected to visit to check is sheer stupidity. And not updating CEE 2008 info on the official DCE site right up to the date of result declaration is sheer laziness on part of DCE.


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