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Get Y! Mail IDs Now!

By on Jun 20, 2008 in Stop The Press, Tech Takes | 6 comments

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Duet G.
Being the largest email address provider in the world has its own problems, like it is for Yahoo!. With more than 250 million users (and growing) compared to a puny few tens of millions with Gmail, this huge number of users also means that many people don’t get the email ID of their dreams. To remedy this, Yahoo! is now giving out and addresses! The announcement was made a while ago on the Yodel Anecdotal Blog. Get them at Rocketmail, of course, one of the first email service providers which later got bought out by Yahoo!, so THAT’s a really vintage email ID you could show off. is short and snappy too.

The only problem I see now is what if someone has a ID, and someone else signs up for a ID of the same name. Till now, the country where your mail ID was hosted was immaterial, but with the new system might come a bit of confusion initially. Say, while adding people on Yahoo! Instant Messenger. Like, are we supposed to add the extension too now, while adding messenger IDs? Of course, it must be set to accept as default…

Also, if you currently sign-up for a ID, and then try to use the ‘extra email address’ feature to add a supplementary sign-in ID right now, it only checks for IDs, not That, would probably be sorted out in the next few days.

On the whole, this is a terrific news! No more multitudes of underscores and weird numbers and birthdates needed to land the email ID of your choice – opens up the playing field for newcomers to the Internet. Yahoo! :)


  1. Abhishek

    June 20, 2008

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    I just hope they use radio buttons so that we can choose the domain we want to login to.

    I really hate the login part of Windows Live Hotmail where we have to enter the complete email address. It’s like one common place for all Windows Live Hosted email domains, which is shitty in my opinion.

  2. Ankur

    June 21, 2008

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    @Abhishek: If it’s a ID, then you simply need to enter ID name, if it’s a /, then you have to enter the whole thing – I found it out from the Planet Yahoo blog. Quite sensible.

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