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Odd Things About Draft Feature in WordPress 2.5.x

By on Jun 23, 2008 in Tech Takes | 0 comments

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I don’t know if other people have noticed this issue, but in WordPress 2.5.x, if you ever try to delete a draft from Manage > Posts > Drafts, by ticking the checkbox next to¬† a post and then clicking on the ‘Delete’ button, it throws up an error saying Error in deleting… with no other information. It’s weird, because if you open up a draft individually and click on the Delete Post link in the Publish Status box then it doesn’t give an error – and goes ahead and deletes as required. Still, this itself is quite risky, because it does NOT ask for conformation before deleting the post (someone might have clicked it accidentally, while trying to click the Save / Publish button); and neither does it give a conformation after deleting the post. Weird too, that the WordPress team would have missed out something like this. There’s even a thread related to the draft delete error issue on WordPress Support Forums, which you might want to check out – the code change suggested there did not solve the problem for me though.

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